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sacrificing in a sentence

1. but only at the cost of sacrificing his dignity.

2. She is loving, maternal, and self-sacrificing.

3. By the end, however, "everybody is sacrificing."

4. the prohibition of sacrificing without flour;

5. Love Sacrificing to Friendship;

6. 1.Sacrificing short-term profits.

7. Alectryomancy is also sacrificing a sacred rooster.

8. Victor breaks the seal by sacrificing himself.

9. Keith in sacrificing his security to help the OFWs.

10. seemingly sacrificing his own life in the process.

11. Nothing can be achieved without sacrificing blood.

12. They ended Ramadan by sacrificing a ram.

13. Topalov pressed hard, sacrificing a pawn.

14. Two men sacrificing a pig to Demeter.

15. I am sacrificing my personal life to do this.

16. Even if it means sacrificing everything."

17. however, she ends up sacrificing herself.

18. He mentions sacrificing his son Daniel as well.

19. She is gently spoken, wise and self-sacrificing.

20. Abraham Sacrificing Isaac.

21. there is Abeera who is more docile and sacrificing.

22. even her parents ignored this self-sacrificing.

23. Font. Fresco: Abraham sacrificing Isaac.

24. Many of its cards required sacrificing lands.

25. They won't be sacrificing anything".

26. They won't be sacrificing anything."

27. The film ends with Pragathi sacrificing her love.

28. Often the king is sacrificing.

29. Sacrificing Privacy for Security?

30. He ended up sacrificing both.