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rural subdivisions in a sentence

1. Smaller portions are set aside for rural subdivisions and other homesteading-related opportunities.

2. After the discovery of contaminated groundwater in 1981, the Army extended Grand Island city water lines to rural subdivisions (that as of 2014 are part of the Capital Heights and Le Heights areas) in 1985 because wells may have exposed residents to the contaminated water.

3. On August 18, 2005, an F3 tornado cut a 10-mile path across rural subdivisions and farms north of Stoughton, killing one person and damaging hundreds of homes.

4. Apart from the town, there are 28 villages, official rural subdivisions within the Commune.

5. Linden is generally made up of larger ranches and rural subdivisions, including Cheney Ranch and Timberland Acres.

6. In urban areas, urban local bodies exist instead of these rural subdivisions.

7. The area was unpopulated until the 1960s, and settlement in two rural subdivisions took place in the 1990s.

8. The woreda capital has 24-hour electric service from hydropower source of energy, while two towns and two rural subdivisions have electric service from the national hydropower grid.

9. In order to prevent rural subdivisions and large homes on expansive lots from consuming the Bluegrass landscape, Fayette and all surrounding counties have minimum lot size requirements, which range from 10 acres (40,000 m) in Jessamine to fifty in Fayette.

10. Immediately surrounding the urban area of Tara, there are a number of rural subdivisions of 'lifestyle blocks'. The blocks are usually between 13 and 40 ha in area.

11. In recent years there have been large scale rural subdivisions developed in the area.

12. This proposal bore similarities to the earlier Robina project in the south, and a justification was that in large parts of the Pimpama/Coomera area there had been rural subdivisions in the 1970s that had created wide many 2-5 hectare parcels, thought to be useless for anything except further subdivision into much smaller lots.

13. Numerous rural subdivisions are located within the Elbow Valley, Springbank and Bearspaw areas to the west and northwest.

14. There are 72 total communities, which include one city (the seat), eleven communities, 28 ranches, fourteen ejidos, three congregations and three rural subdivisions.

15. It is one of only three rural subdivisions in Fayette County - to protect farmland from development they are now illegal to build.

16. Following the definition, the country has 15,785 "urban" subdivisions and 61,340 "rural" subdivisions as of the 2010 Census.

17. Intensifying to EF3 strength, much more severe damage was noted along South Skare Court as the tornado entered an area of semi-rural subdivisions to the northwest of Rochelle.

18. The highway runs through rural farm land before entering the town of Niederwald, where it has an overlap with SH 21. After FM 2001 leaves the overlap with SH 21 it crosses into Hays County and passes by rural subdivisions.

19. FM 2164 leaves the city near FM 3163 and travels through farm land with some rural subdivisions and has a brief overlap with FM 455 in eastern Sanger near the southwestern shore of Lake Ray Roberts.

20. North of Chappell Hill, FM 1155 runs in a mostly northern direction and runs through farmland with some rural subdivisions and turns east at FM 2193.

21. In the Moss Lake area, the highway sees more development along its route and passes near a few rural subdivisions.

22. Smaller portions are set aside for rural subdivisions and other homesteading-related opportunities.

23. Within several hours, the Quail fire expanded from 150 to 500 acres as mandatory evacuations were put in place for over 100 structures in the Pleasant Valley area as the fire blew eastward through Quail Canyon and into the rural subdivisions on the outskirts of Winters.