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1 Even in the context of the bizarre, twisted fairy tale of Michael Jackson's life, the time he spent living in a converted cowshed in rural Ireland shortly before he died takes some believing.
2 growth of microfinance has reduced local politicians' ability to use rural credit as a tool of patronage. That puts MFIs in the firing line.
3 He has long bestowed honours in exchange for donations to his good causes. The causes may benefit his beloved rural poor, but the patronage system perpetuates royal influence.
4 Chuxiong news combined with Chuxiong state human resources and Social Security Bureau of Chuxiong urban and rural residents basic medical insurance Interim Measures authoritative interpretation.
5 revolt of the mujahedeen, led by conservative, rural warlords, wiped that all out in a few years' time.
6 The picture indicates that we should improve rural environment and conditions.
7 These works have a strong flavour of rural life.
8 strength of rural demand is one reason why India escaped from the crisis so lightly.
9 IF YOU have ever wondered what the little metal ball in a wooden labyrinth feels like, drive through rural West Virginia.
10 natural growth rate of population is revving up in rural areas.
11 But the acceptability of such new stoves to the rural poor is an obstacle.
12 Why should the lot of rural workers be so miserable?
13 But he also dreams of returning to farming in another, safer, rural area.
14 These give visitors an idea of the rural way of living in Ethiopia.
15 This is a very good programme but we need to do more, particularly in rural communities and for lower social groups.
16 In some rural areas, the teachers themselves have not graduated from high school.
17 She then spent 10 years laboring in a rural production team.
18 These and other rural integration skills should form the core of the medical curriculum.
19 may be true in the towns, but in rural areas, where most Tanzanians live, the President still has plenty of support.
20 This may be another reason why workers are not moving in from rural areas as rapidly as in China.
21 Such gap exists in almost all countries, due to the differences between urban and rural environments.
22 In Japan, because people will be less, although there are a large number of rural surplus labor transfer, but not high concentration of land, remained small-scale production.
23 The state has many small, rural schools.
24 Whether it is an old rural earth road or a modern hi-tech highway, a road will always be the symbol of connection, life search, and infinity.
25 They also committed to the full and equal participation of rural women in national development -not simply as equal beneficiaries, but as equal partners.
26 For example, rural, micro and small business borrowers mostly borrow at their personal risk as they are typically not incorporated.
27 She also has country experience from working in rural hospitals in Burundi.
28 I welcome those efforts and, more broadly, the work of ITU and others to promote broadband access in rural and remote areas around the world.
29 In rural Russia, eggs can help you make friends with supernatural forces.
30 For another, rural governments should learn how to allot the limited resources in a reasonable way, emphasizing more on education, technology and culture.