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No. sentence
1 In an abandoned village there is a bear rules the roost of apple garden.
2 The disclosure control method of RFIDIC realizes this suggestion by providing special authorization policy rules that assign the right to execute certain types of queries to certain user groups.
3 method used by RFIDIC realizes this as part of the conditions that can be expressed inside disclosure policy rules that filter out unwanted result objects.
4 analyst should also document any business rules that are applied to trade data, particularly data transformation or (crub) procedures, as well as data validation rules.
5 As part of the ISOC, it administers the process according to the rules and procedures which have been ratified by the ISOC Trustees.
6 You should reflect these in the requirements and business rules.
7 Life there was chaotic, with few rules, and no one in Nim's human family really knew sign language.
8 Obama emphasized that his plan focuses on helping families who have "played by the rules" stay in their homes.
9 If you join the club, you have to abide by its rules.
10 But for most of the past century, lawyers and regulators have battled over how to apply those terms in new industries where the rules are unclear.
11 As for rewriting nuclear rules, some governments will resist using the NPT conference to strengthen the badly weakened treaty on the ground that the nuclear powers have still not done enough.
12 question of changing the club's rules was mooted at the last meeting.
13 I realize that as a mother, a farmer, and wife, I sometimes must go along with the rules.
14 Learn the rules of good writing... then learn when and how to break them.
15 The following few rules contain the secret of correct book-keeping.
16 When taking her through the alphabet I expressed my pride that Bengali spelling has a conscience, and does not delight in overstepping rules at every step.
17 Therefore, the language could not be described by a finite list of examples, but only by a set of rules, called a grammar.
18 When conflicts erupt, it seeks to get all parties to commit to observing the rules by way of special agreements.
19 I hope the new rules would hit off with my team.
20 Design the rules by describing in "plain English" what each rule should do.
21 Merkel, Germany's chancellor, has even suggested a mechanism to throw out countries from the euro area if they repeatedly flout fiscal rules.
22 The solution should rather be an equalization of the rules of competition.
23 If you can connect after disabling the firewall, then you can adjust the firewall rules on your systems to allow the traffic to pass.
24 In this article we present 30 important usability issues, terms, rules and principles which are usually forgotten, ignored or misunderstood.
25 But some adoption agencies have been bucked the rules, saying it's unfair to force them to go against their religious beliefs by coordinating adoptions for gay families.
26 When the bike rider is faster (which will be most of the time), each person should maintain their own sides of the street, traveling the correct way according to the rules.
27 Business progresses through creative destruction, not through the application of rules.
28 The absurd mind cannot so much expect ethical rules at the end of its reasoning as, rather, illustrations and the breath of human lives.
29 Instead of just mandating checks on declared material, the new rules let inspectors go in at shorter notice; give them more information; and let them snoop more widely, with better techniques.
30 What's more, following rules introduced a couple of years ago, they refrained from routing orders through the NYSE because it was not functioning as normal.