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rugged in a sentence

1. High, rugged, faulted mountains;

2. Terrain: high, rugged mountains;

3. Its terrain is steep and rugged.

4. Much of it is rugged and hilly.

5. It was really rugged.

6. Bears roam the rugged area.

7. The terrain is rugged.

8. Rugged terrain of the trail.

9. Rugged Island may refer to:

10. his rugged good looks;

11. Old and rugged path.

12. The terrain is very rugged;

13. It's rugged, she admits."

14. The terrain is rugged;

15. Most of them are rugged.

16. The trails are rugged.

17. a simple, rugged gun".

18. Imnajbu is rugged country.

19. In 2015, she starred in Rugged!

20. it was rocky and rugged;

21. The islands are rugged;

22. Ruff, Rugged &

23. Rugged Mountain Team [5]

24. The terrain is fairly rugged.

25. They have rugged surfaces.

26. Rugged computers.

27. It is rounded and rugged.

28. That was Rugged Lark."

29. It was a rugged match.

30. But these were rugged and bare.