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rudimentary in a sentence

1. Tactics were rudimentary.

2. they have rudimentary hemipenes;

3. Education is fairly rudimentary;

4. User interfaces were rudimentary.

5. His education was rudimentary;

6. he kept only rudimentary notes.

7. It was rudimentary in many areas."

8. In humans it is rudimentary.

9. webbing in feet, rudimentary.

10. anal wing cell rudimentary.

11. The design is rudimentary.

12. males have rudimentary wings.

13. It has only rudimentary wings.

14. Scales Rudimentary.

15. Rudimentary. Not fully formed;

16. spire rudimentary but involute.

17. It has a few rudimentary bones.

18. The proboscis is rudimentary.

19. Its eyes are rudimentary.

20. Toes have rudimentary webbing.

21. a rudimentary ovary is present.

22. Illustrations were rudimentary.

23. There is a rudimentary quest log;

24. Webbing on hands is rudimentary.

25. The base was rudimentary.

26. toes have rudimentary webbing.

27. They have a rudimentary caecum.

28. Its inner petals are rudimentary.

29. Education is fairly rudimentary;

30. Education is fairly rudimentary;