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rouser in a sentence

1. His name in Vedic Sanskrit connotes "impeller, rouser, vivifier."

2. Duane Eddy scored several hits (his best known probably being "Rebel-'Rouser").

3. It passed to Aram, who was known as a playboy and rabble-rouser.

4. Eddy's "Rebel Rouser" was featured that same year in Forrest Gump.

5. Gehringer acknowledged his quiet demeanor: "I wasn't a rabble rouser.

6. The Minnesota Rouser is UMN's fight song.

7. Kirkus Reviews hailed it as "hair-raising" and "quite a rouser".

8. I have been called rabble-rouser, agitator.

9. Also known as the Gustie Rouser;

10. They also described him as "too emotional," a "rabble rouser," and "a haranguer."

11. Classic examples of this are his recordings of "Rebel Rouser" and "Peter Gunn".

12. His main participation was as a rabble-rouser and street brawler.

13. The "Minnesota Rouser" is the fight song of the University of Minnesota.

14. He is based on Kamen Rider Leangle, down to his Rouser.

15. Ian Hyland from the Sunday Mirror said that Jack was the serial's "rebel rouser".

16. He replied, "Well, if I'm going to have a flop, I like it to be a rouser.

17. While in the "Block M" formation, the band plays the Minnesota Rouser.

18. This gallop was one of Liszt's favorite encores which he considered a "rouser."

19. In the gathering dusk, one grown-up rabble-rouser spoke out.

20. Eddy started with the big hit "Rebel Rouser" in 1958;

21. It's a real rouser and it should be out in January."

22. A new music rabble-rouser, he also writes music reviews and articles.

23. GRHS's school song is the "Rapids Rouser".

24. The mascot of Riverside Brookfield (RB) is Rouser the Bulldog.

25. The contracting bids went to Rouser &

26. Rouser from Dayton.

27. She was considered a rabble rouser.

28. "Rebel-'Rouser" is a rock and roll instrumental recorded by Duane Eddy.

29. Billboard's Larry Flick labelled it a "floor-filler" and an "upbeat rouser."

30. the Greeks, "Bikini Drag" by The Pyramids, and "Rebel Rouser" by Duane Eddy.