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No. sentence
1 She ganged up on me with those rough boys.
2 He had a very tan face and rough hands. He reeked of alcohol.
3 This paint will adhere to any surface, whether rough or smooth.
4 rough strap galled the horse's skin.
5 The ship plunged dangerously in the rough sea.
6 The ship tossed wildly in the rough sea.
7 We need to trim away the rough edges on that hedge.
8 sale includes important pictures by Tahia Halim, who painted scenes of the Nile and portraits of those who lived along the length of it, and a small rough bronze by Mokhtar.
9 The car jolted badly over the rough road.
10 The rope was chafed by the rough surface of the slabstone.
11 We are going to rasp off the rough edges.
12 One of them was a thief well known in the area: a rough part of town, with 15 iron-bar attacks in two months.
13 If I was an endoplasmic reticulum, how would you want me: smooth or rough?
14 This made for a smooth transfer of responsibility and knowledge to the I&T team, without wasting their time in the first two (very rough) builds.
15 new series also includes a piston design that makes digressive forces for added pitch and roll control. This helps with performance over rough terrains and on off-road surfaces.
16 many Afrikaners, who have grown up playing rough games on sun-baked ground so hard that every tumble draws blood, rugby is little short of everything.
17 Dugongs graze on underwater grasses day and night, rooting for them with their bristled, sensitive snouts and chomping them with their rough lips.
18 clockmaker had only a rough sense of the value of money, though, so it tended to end up forgotten in satchels or in piles against the wall.
19 It's hard to pilot a boat in rough waters.
20 Add the butter and using a food processor, or the tips of your fingers, rub together until the mixture resembles rough breadcrumbs.
21 Cullinan mine has also produced what is still the largest rough gem in the world-the whopping 3, 106-carat Cullinan diamond-parts of which adorn England's Crown Jewels.
22 Make a rough sketch before you draw.
23 Use your Lasso to draw a rough selection around your image.
24 A rough May wind swooped along the avenue , whipping the girls'skirts and hats.
25 He painted canvases that look like ruined walls - rough, torn and stained.
26 swapped thin sable brushes for hog-hair and fine canvases for rough;
27 The scales give shark skin a very rough, sandpaper-like texture, make it very strong.
28 I must talk to him about his rough behaviour.
29 Youd better give us a rough idea of your price.
30 Rikyu favored small, intimate tearooms, set in a hut secluded from the world at large by a garden and reached by a rough path of stepping-stones.