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rotten wood in a sentence

1. Most shipworms are relatively smaller and feed on rotten wood.

2. Occasionally the female will enlarge an existing hole in rotten wood.

3. Nests are burrows in dirt, rotten wood or termite mounds.

4. The RW&O was nicknamed "Rotten Wood &

5. "He was made of rotten wood."

6. "rotten wood").

7. The fungus occasionally fruits on humus or on very rotten wood.

8. Most larvae develop in rotten wood.

9. He looks like rotten wood.

10. Say to the court, it glows And shines like rotten wood;

11. The eggs hatch in about a month and the larvae feed on rotten wood.

12. These millipedes inhabit moist areas, rotten wood and compost.

13. Adults feed on nectar while larvae live in rotten wood.

14. The larvae are saproxylic feeders in rotten wood in these habitats.

15. The larvae feed on the rotten wood of Acacia koa

16. Pupation takes place in rotten wood during the autumn.

17. No slapping paint over rotten wood.

18. Larvae feed on rotten wood.

19. These beetles lay their eggs in rotten wood.

20. The females lay clutches of 50-60 eggs in soil or rotten wood.

21. Its length is 50–95 mm. As a larva, its diet is rotten wood.

22. They nest in soil or in rotten wood.

23. They nest in soil, in rotten wood, under stones, or on tree branches.

24. Larvae are active predators feeding on insects living in rotten wood.

25. These ground-dwelling stick insects resemble bark or rotten wood.

26. Larvae live in rotten wood and forest litter.

27. It is found in dead and rotten wood of Ficus species.

28. They were isolated either from rotten wood, soil, or decaying fruits.

29. Rottenwood Creek was named for Rotten Wood, a local Cherokee Indian.

30. Maeterlinck 249. Rotten wood is not worth carving;