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No. sentence
1 I pricked my finger on a rose tree.
2 The plane dived sharply and then rose again.
3 could consume no more of the strawberries he filled her little basket with them; and then the two passed round to the rose trees, whence he gathered blossoms and gave her to put in her bosom.
4 You could still find the central rose walk, and the old dyke was white with strawberry blossoms and blue with violets and green with baby fern.
5 red sun rose in the east.
6 These jobs depend on affordably priced solar panels and companies would have to lay off workers if panel prices rose as a result of this petition, " Jigar Shah, CASE's co-founder, said in a statement.
7 Lord Guan eyed Liu Bei, who sensed his brother's intent and rose to bid Zhou Yu farewell.
8 The audience rose to his wonderful performance.
9 A quarrel rose between the twin brothers.
10 A rose garden fronts the house.
11 Cuban cigar sales rose 2% last year, according to the latest figures, reversing a downward trend.
12 She can differentiate this kind of rose from the others.
13 Towers of glass rose at its name, were destroyed and rose again.
14 He rose from a poor family.
15 Sometimes the languid sea rose over him and he dreamed longs dreams; but ever through it all, waking and dreaming, he waited for the wheezing breath and the harsh caress of the tongue.
16 in the morning he rose up, and plucked some bitter berries from the trees and ate them, and took his way through the great wood, weeping sorely.
17 Awkwardly, I tried to thank her for taking such good care of Rose; she nodded shyly and went back to bathing her.
18 end of the game the audience rose to their exciting exhibition.
19 But for all its confusion, the aftermath of the rose and orange revolutions still offers plenty of evidence to counter such defeatism.
20 Then she fell to reflecting again, and in looking downwards a thorn of the rose remaining in her breast accidentally pricked her chin.
21 White smoke rose from the chimneys.
22 They serve it in little metal cups and strew rose leaves upon it.
23 His reason, at one and the same time riper and more troubled than of yore, rose in revolt.
24 girl rose in self-defence and landed a blow on the hooligan's nose.
25 On the left of the road, mounds of some sort, that might be last year's stacks or might be a village, rose up in the gathering darkness.
26 Eating cherries picked from the orchard, we sip on a delightful 2010 rose and watch the setting sun turn the eastern slopes of the valley the exact shade of pink as the wine.
27 this bench there rose, after the fashion in orchard-gardens, a sort of large chest, of beams and planks, much dilapidated, a rabbit-hutch on the ground floor, a fruit-closet on the first.
28 As the moon rose and time ticked into the early hours, he still had no idea when he would make Tangshan, in Shandong province, the coastal industrial town to which he and his cargo were headed.
29 They are thought to have wandered onto the railroad ledge in southern Montana at night, then froze once the sun rose and they realised where they were.
30 Lester blew on it, and, just as I'd heard the factory boys tell it, the powder rose in a swirl, casting off into the air and disappearing.