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No. sentence
1 I exclaimed, pointing to a nook under the roots of one twisted tree.
2 He looked through shelf after shelf and finally picked on Alex Haley's Roots.
3 Zimbabweans have been reduced to subsistence (some survive on roots and berries), barter, and remittances and handouts from abroad.
4 These plants imbibe moisture through their roots.
5 We managed to lever the roots out.
6 He could subsist on bark and grass roots in the isolated island.
7 The tornado pulled up the old tree by its roots.
8 We earthed up the roots firmly when we planted the trees.
9 roots of this rapid growth, though, do not lie in China’s centralised planning.
10 And the roots of this problem, in most cases, are the following - fear and irresponsibility.
11 So, these roots can be very dangerous.
12 Remember your roots, they are an important part of who you are.
13 These global names should be constructed with sufficient roots and modifiers to identify their domain of use.
14 In this section, you see how to define two new content roots; each root contains the hierarchy of pages for its virtual portal.
15 stressed that any form of terrorism represents one of the most serious threats to international peace and security regardless of its roots and motives.
16 They rub themselves against stones and roots.
17 You have to be careful if the nodes you're searching are not top-level nodes (or fragment roots).
18 Try not to injure the roots of trees and plants.
19 The roots of hatred are still in your subconscious mind playing havoc with you and your good.
20 Another benefit of local declarations is that they clearly identify the possible roots in a document.
21 Perhaps we can never be satisfied on earth until we have traveled away in space and come back home, back to our roots, to where we belong.
22 He was the type you sometimes meet while travelling, a citizen of nowhere, with no roots, family or friends.
23 Its roots are short.
24 This adherence to its roots is very similar to Nirvana as their career was about making music and not catering to the industry.
25 One dedicated exhibit will explore the roots of civilisation, and the basic notions underpinning the study of human history and society.
26 We dig a hole, which is not easy, due to roots.
27 You probably also know that the roots of this separation go back to one of the earliest design patterns: Model-View-Controller.
28 These conflicts can be resolved by using different context roots for each version.
29 The word has Greek roots but didn't exist in classical Greek.
30 In the flooded forest, vines and roots created a web of gnarled wood, covered with every type of biting insect.