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No. sentence
1 They came to the baseball field to root for their school team.
2 Conclusions Postoperative radiculopathy is complicated with posterior cervical decompression and associated with tethering effect upon the nerve root.
3 root up all evils is only a fantasy for the time being.
4 He argues that all of reality can be explained if readers accept that information is at the root of everything.
5 Roses will not root in such acid soil.
6 Only the root user can issue this command.
7 Navigate to /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS2.0.sdk/usr/lib/ from the main system root directory.
8 is impossible to root out this disease in a few years.
9 The idea took strong root.
10 Objects that are unmarked at the end of the mark phase are unreachable by the application (dead) because there's no path from the root set through any series of references to find them.
11 In this section, you see how to define two new content roots; each root contains the hierarchy of pages for its virtual portal.
12 What you feel is always right, however, the root of those feelings may be based on lies.
13 chikungunya' derives from a root verb in the Kimakonde language, meaning "to become contorted" and describes the stooped appearance of sufferers with joint pain.
14 The title of each paragraph can be imagined to be the heading nodes under the root node (level 1).
15 This is the context root of our sample application.
16 But this creates a problem — what if an object in the older generation references a younger object, which is not reachable through any other chain of references from a root?
17 A cousin of cabbage and broccoli, kohlrabi is turnip-like root vegetable that is either light green or purple and white striped.
18 It then traverses the chain of references until all (directly or indirectly) reachable objects from the root set are marked.
19 As with many things, there are some reported side effects for the dried root bark, including nausea and vomiting.
20 root of this dead tree has been gnawed away by ants.
21 Whatever the issue, it must be uprooted from the very root, and that root is unhappiness; when you deal with the unhappiness, breaking the habit becomes easy.
22 Though triggered by construction, the root cause for the congestion is chronic overcrowding on key national arteries. Automobile sales in China whizzed past the U.
23 But the root of the word, as hinted by the spelling, isn't English, it seems to be Dutch.
24 Root cause analysis could have nipped compounding problems in the bud.
25 Some people dig cellars where they keep their potatoes and root vegetables.
26 However, their response fails to produce the desired result because it ignores the root cause of the problem-debt levels that have become unsustainable.
27 Therefore, an ideal bioenergy plant would produce lots of aboveground biomass for fuel as well as have an extensive root system.
28 A problem that you might encounter is with file compatibility, because earlier versions of the product do not support keeping the model as a root.
29 Of course, this approach may not be a bad idea before allowing an application to be run as root by an unprivileged user, but it is unfortunately an unrealistic prospect.
30 I take those visceral reactions to be a good sign, and something that should then compel us to explore the root of those feelings.