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1 In this section we see how to define security roles and configure method permissions.
2 This discussion could be extended to include other equally important roles, such as project manager or tester, but for now, we will focus on the roles of the analyst, architect, and developer.
3 We predict that the application of techniques like those in this series will lead to a blurring of boundaries between business analyst and architect roles.
4 As we mentioned earlier, this series of articles considers the analyst, architect, and developer roles, as defined by the RUP.
5 For example, the analyst gathers roles, tasks, sequence information, resources, data, narratives, requirements, and so on using appropriate tools and uses them as input to construct the BP model.
6 However, the information captured so far provides only a static view of the system context, represented through the users, roles, channels, and external systems.
7 Different people on the team, even if they are all testers, might have different lab roles.
8 However, the actual work of designing accessible products for target users is still the responsibility of project team designers, developers, testers, and others in hands-on roles.
9 In this step, we establish the relationship between the security roles that we defined previously and their authentication status.
10 A story is a description of functionality to be implemented in the product, often stated in terms of what user roles the feature supports and what business value it offers them.
11 Identifying specific activities and assigning them to roles on the team demonstrates that you have a deep understanding of the client problem and how to solve it.
12 After an explanation of the artifacts and roles, they can be shifted, renamed, or replaced, and responsibilities can be divided by completing the Responsibility Matrix.
13 Therefore, to work through the exercises in this article, create two users and assign one of them to each of those roles.
14 Wildlife, insects, frogs, birds, and soil organisms are able to play their roles in the tapestry of ecology, and we are able to play ours, without interference or compromise.
15 One person could play both roles depending upon the size of the project.
16 However, we are handling roles through JSTL, so we can define the constraint for all roles by adding the code in Listing 3.
17 So too had the 'guards' taken on their roles - taunting and abusing their prisoners.
18 Note that this structure shows roles rather than individuals.
19 To restrict that task to a subset of your constituents, you must establish a role, grant it permissions, and assign one or more roles to each user.
20 From there she found herself in roles in TV commercials, which brought her to Japan early on in her career.
21 The civets play two roles.
22 As companion animals for humans for thousands of years, cats play all sorts of mythological roles.
23 Both are believed to have important roles in sea ice dynamics, but how important they are remains unclear.
24 We are all playing different roles in the Divine Grand Master Plan.
25 This scenario caters to a sales scenario, but there are many roles in a company that promote this type of behavior.
26 This is a list of roles; one person can have multiple roles in a data warehouse project.
27 We now dissect the class and its various methods and explain the roles and anatomy of each method.
28 Attitudes toward Western doctors have begun to loosen as young, assimilated Hmong-Americans assume more powerful roles in the family.
29 In this case, the roles defined within the pattern are played by elements in the model.
30 The following section describes how the user roles work together to design, develop, and run this solution.