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1 role of the pigments is “to act as an antenna to capture the light, ” Belcher explains, “and then transfer the energy down the length of the virus, like a wire.
2 When I speak to my archbishop in San Francisco and his role is to try to change my mind on the subject, well then he is exercising his pastoral duty to me as one of his flock.
3 Each persona represents a role in the organization and is portrayed either by me, one of the course assistants, or an external person.
4 You trained Charlie Sheen for his role as Chris, the young solider in Platoon, so you worked closely with him.
5 a sensation in her first leading role, as the Congo goddess Tondelayo in MGM's White Cargo.
6 And the consequences of undermining faith in U.S. debt might be especially severe because that debt plays a crucial role in many financial transactions.
7 It might provoke Western boycotts of some ASEAN meetings, undermining ASEAN's central role in regional security.
8 The scenario demonstrates the need to both scale and migrate. In both cases three standards play an important role.
9 Taking advantage of this product knowledge expands the value and role of our testers.
10 It supports polymorphism very well as you merely have records in the appropriate tables for each role that an object might have.
11 If the user role is not what was expected, then we redirect the user to an error page.
12 leading role in the film is costumed in medieval armor.
13 Eagle, I've heard you mentions it a few times. Can you tell me how more about the role how the eagle plays in people's lives.
14 of the foundry giant. In his new role, Tsai now serves as president of the New Business Development Organization, reporting directly to Chang.
15 Seven"is unique in one detail of its construction; it brings the killer onscreen with half an hour to go, and gives him a speaking role.
16 Central Banks have their role to play in restoring the world to health, but they cannot do it alone.
17 Climate also seems to have played a role in the epidemic of Black Death, which killed about half the population of Central Europe by 1347.
18 formed Tengchong Jinghong NNW zone and Dali Chuxiong NWW zone have an important role in the block division.
19 The role of a work is to communicate its message to the spectator.
20 To understand a role fully, you have to go to the source - the person doing the job - as well as getting a variety of other inputs into what makes someone successful in that job.
21 The exhibition at Auschwitz no longer fulfills its role, as it used to," he continued.
22 They reappraised the key role of the teacher in the learning process.
23 We would also like to note the important role played by the city of Shanghai, not just on the level of developing the Chinese economy, but the international economy as well.
24 It's a totally different view of the law and its role in the cosmos than you see in Romans or Galatians, which is another piece of evidence for me that Paul is not the author of this letter.
25 Speaking about her role on the committee Michelle Obama said: "The arts are not just a nice thing to have or to do if there is free time or if one can afford it.
26 After some experience in theater, he landed a role in a soap opera and dropped out of high school just shy of graduation.
27 He took his role seriously and played it to the hilt, issuing ruling after ruling on both sides and objections, all the while evaluating the four of us to decide who would win the prize.
28 Distributed text, or hypertext, on the other hand supplies a new role for readers — every reader codetermines the meaning of a text.
29 This is not so much an issue of exchange-rate manipulation as of the economic role America occupies in the world.
30 How do you view the role of women in global development?