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rising temperatures in a sentence

1. The rising temperatures cause massive wildfires especially in the Boreal forests.

2. This is because of the rising temperatures that makes the region grow hotter and drier.

3. Rising temperatures have pushed the snow line higher into the mountains.

4. With the rising temperatures in California, the mosquito population has been growing.

5. Rising temperatures and receding glaciers left a large depression where glaciers once stood.

6. One of the growing issues at Eydhafushi is the rising temperatures.

7. Koenig is unable to find a cause for the ever-rising temperatures.

8. Droughts, rising temperatures, and extreme weather negatively impact agriculture.

9. Rising temperatures increase electricity demand.

10. At the same time, the rising temperatures in the storage unit kill Grable.

11. However, his climb is cut short by rising temperatures that may precipitate an avalanche.

12. Rising temperatures will also lead to increased water demand for farming and agriculture.

13. This is linked with rising temperatures and ocean acidification.

14. Although, the species may be able to adapt to the rising temperatures (7).

15. Rising temperatures have affected local Norwegian ecosystems in many ways.

16. The rising temperatures are having direct impacts on freshwater and wetlands biodiversity.

17. Rising temperatures throughout the era led to rising sea levels.

18. Rising temperatures and reduced rainfall have contributed to the lake’s retreat into Kenya.

19. Rising temperatures, even if slight, will have catastrophic effects.

20. Rising temperatures means earlier snow-melt and later freeze-up dates.

21. We are returning to normality: rising temperatures.

22. Overheating is a phenomenon of rising temperatures in an electrical circuit.

23. Recurring drought and rising temperatures may degrade the land itself.

24. Rising temperatures are likely to increase the demand for water but make it less available.

25. Rising temperatures increase evaporation and water use by plants.

26. Rising temperatures will increase the frequency of hot days and warm nights.

27. For example, rising temperatures could change the composition of Wisconsin’s forests.

28. Rising temperatures increase the risk of an epidemic or pandemic.

29. Rising temperatures increase evaporation and water use by plants, which make soils drier.

30. Now he believed that mitigating the impact of rising temperatures was urgent.