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No. sentence
1 Whining about the technical "depth" of social sounds like hardware eng complaining about rise of software in 80s.
2 Electricity and petrol costs will rise significantly, but with the right policies in place, say the modellers, this need not lead to big changes in our lifestyle.
3 In the post-colonial period Penang fell victim to the rise of nationalism.
4 To combat the rise of these diseases, policies in other sectors, like food, agriculture, and trade, must change.
5 The latter is in short supply because of the rise in US savings, caused by the crisis but likely to persist.
6 Household savings need to rise, not fall.
7 You must establish several different instances of poor behavior, preferably in different contexts, for a bug to rise to the level of an antipattern.
8 On some occasions these readings would give rise to shastric discussions, which would at length be settled by the depth of Iswar's wise pronouncements.
9 However, the rise of obesity is a major public health concern around the world, and one which we share, and the Jenny Craig acquisition allows us to help many of our consumers.
10 Fear caused his hair to rise.
11 The yield of rice will rise to 700 kilograms per mu.
12 is ridiculously absurd to predict that the sun will not rise tomorrow.
13 rise in the temperature of the gas results in its expansion.
14 The boss turned away our request for a pay rise.
15 Many of these do not want the debt ceiling to rise.
16 We can then translate this information into estimates of the current diabetes and cardiovascular disease that can be attributed to the rise in consumption of these drinks.
17 What does all of this tell us about the rise of the East and the decline of the West?
18 Simplified English may not be for everyone, but with the rise in the number of people around the world working in English, I suspect we will see more of it.
19 They then rise in the east just before dawn, again to be visible only a short while, and the cycle recommences.
20 from Peru, the potato became the fuel for the rise of Europe.
21 That said, we do not expect prices to continue to rise much, if at all, beyond their current levels.
22 For your location, check the time of moon rise and if it happens before or during the eclipse then hopefully you should see something quite spectacular.
23 As subsidies shrink, the price of fuel, electricity, water, transport and food should rise to market levels.
24 Rise, let us go!
25 If they do not want their currencies to rise, governments in this position can intervene to try and dampen (or even prevent) the appreciation.
26 How will the rise of companies from China, India and other emerging markets change the game?
27 In this environment, whether annual health care costs rise or fall by 1% or even 5% is irrelevant - all we do is move the day of reckoning less than 1 year closer or farther away.
28 So they will accept his main premise: "The greatest single scientific question —and for our society, a question of life or death —is how far and how fast the seas will rise ...
29 As economies pull out of recession, government spending will have to be cut and, with luck, tax revenues will gradually rise again.
30 In humans melatonin levels rise at night, in response to darkness and cues from the circadian clock.