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1 Revolutionary Guard - Iran's most powerful military force - ordered demonstrators to "end the sabotage and rioting activities" and said their resistance was a "conspiracy" against Iran.
2 Widespread rioting took place in Belgrade as police clashed with thousands of far-right activists trying to break up a gay-rights march in the Serbian capital.
3 defeats of the Russian army in World War I led to widespread rioting in the major cities of the Russian Empire and to the overthrow in 1917 of the imperial household.
4 London (CNN) — Heavy policing has brought calm to London after several days of rioting and looting, but trouble has continued to spread to other cities around the country.
5 Papua New Guinea has also had its share of rioting, most recently in Lae, the country's second-largest city, when marauding youths left nine people dead.
6 In the village of Svinjane, attacked during the rioting in 2004 while soldiers belonging to the UN mission in Kosovo looked on, only one Serb couple remain. Vojislav Jovic and his wife, Dara.
7 Shops and Banks were looted, cars stoned and roads barricaded with rocks and burning tyres during three days of alcohol-fuelled rioting that paralysed the capital and shut down the main airport.
8 Unlike the rioting youths in the banlieues, the objective of the students and public-sector trade unions is to prevent change, and to keep France the way it is.
9 seen rioting in the streets, as happened in Mexico's tortilla crisis of 2007. Nor are trenchcoat-clad men whispering down dark alleys, “psst, want some cabbage?
10 rioting and pickpocketing occasionally marred executions in the public square in the 18th and 19th centuries, modern security and technology obviate this concern.
11 Police have been told to take urgent action to prevent organized gangs of football hooligans orchestrating rioting in racially sensitive areas.
12 This was prompted by the fact that on the second night of rioting, on Sunday, the age profile of the looters was much younger than on Saturday, with more teenagers now involved.
13 But the stealthy lawlessness of car-burning in the dead of night seems less menacing than either British rioting or the racially charged violence in banlieues around Paris.
14 Just in case, back in Lhasa, troops are still patrolling the streets following an outbreak of rioting in March last year.
15 On Wednesday night, police named the man found shot in his car in Croydon following rioting on Monday night as Trevor Ellis, 26. He suffered a gunshot wound to the head.
16 For opportunistic folks who used social media tools to find and jump into recent rioting and looting in London, those same tools could be used to nab them soon enough.
17 The Venezuelan authorities say they are resuming a big operation to regain control of a prison near the capital Caracas, where more than 20 people have been killed in rioting.
18 Cases against several thousand people accused of such crimes as arson, rioting, looting and shooting were opened. Thanks to police bungling few have ever come to court.
19 Rioting supporters of a traditional king in Uganda have shut down the capital Kampala.
20 With presidential and local elections due later this month, the last thing that Boyko Borisov, the prime minister, needed was a week of racially charged rioting.
21 None of this stops French farmers from rioting for the preservation of the milk quotas-just as they did when the EU introduced them in 1984.
22 IT was not, the government kept insisting, an anniversary. Yet, exactly a year after rioting broke out in France's troubled banlieues, the tension of expectations was almost unbearable.
23 Parliament united in condemning the rioting, but there was criticism of police tactics and government plans to cut public spending and the Numbers of police officers.
24 The move sparked rioting and looting by several thousand protesters from Estonia's large population of ethnic Russians, who tend to see the statue as a cherished memorial to wartime sacrifice.
25 Today, these neighbourhoods remain tense: 21,000 vehicles were burned in the first six months of this year alone-twice as many as during the three weeks of rioting.
26 Chinese, mostly business people, are stranded in southern Kyrgyzstan, where ethnic rioting has killed at least 80 and wounded more than 1,000.
27 Only two weeks after horrific rioting in Kyrgyzstan killed perhaps 2,000 people and drove hundreds of thousands of ethnic Uzbeks from their homes, the interim government held a nationwide referendum.
28 The unsatisfied workers are rioting in the streets.
29 is not confined to bolshy academics and rioting students.
30 newscast showed rioting in the streets of Kabul, then a jump to another reporter atop a hotel roof looking down at a Baghdad filled with fires.