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No. sentence
1 He hefted his right arm and took away a gun from the bookshelf.
2 We should right the poor and the oppressed.
3 My ankle was as red as the sky with a perfect globe, right on the bone where there is absolutely no flesh but just a huge vein under the skin.
4 You can stand up for your right.
5 The pinna is the visible part of the ear, just right for grasping naughty boys by.
6 Surgeons removed his right fibula and grafted a portion of it to the right side of his jaw.
7 Another option is to use frozen fruits, such as grapes and berries, which kids love to eat right out of the freezer.
8 What right have you to dictate to others?
9 I think you have got no right to order me about.
10 We could have eaten him right up, but it would have given us trichinosis.
11 Yeah, they are right.
12 There is no right answer to this, but you should plan on supporting fix levels within a few months of their release.
13 Go like this with your right hand.
14 lawyers reserve the right to challenge the fee committee's decisions at the end of the case, but the ultimate call will be up to the bankruptcy judge, James Peck.
15 Tom is right old, he often sputters his past.
16 Of course, you think you know your products inside and out, right?
17 The disclosure control method of RFIDIC realizes this suggestion by providing special authorization policy rules that assign the right to execute certain types of queries to certain user groups.
18 can be multiple matches because the search on the value of is done from left to right.
19 Korea's newly appointed unification minister, Hyun In-taek, told reporters Wednesday North Korea does seem to be preparing to launch a missile, but not right away.
20 In other ways, like the number of users right now or the risk of spam, not so much.
21 We are sorting the items in the right pane so that folders appear first.
22 Electricity and petrol costs will rise significantly, but with the right policies in place, say the modellers, this need not lead to big changes in our lifestyle.
23 This feature allows the service processor (SP) to isolate faults and log events that take place right up to the point of the actual failure.
24 still through his consciousness ran an undersense of conviction that all was right - that he should have her again as before, and everything explained.
25 When people get married with a very strong sense of material benefit, things can get rather wrong and people do not necessarily have a will to make it go right again," she explained.
26 If she is right, as she explained to an audience at the recent Forum of European Neuroscience in Vienna, she may have opened a door to the treatment of other forms of persistent pain.
27 This child on the right died during testing.
28 Sing Goddess the wrath of Achilles" right?
29 The British discovery also came at just the right time - the us had threatened to sever intelligence links over the release of Lockerbie bomber al Megrahi.
30 But the larger reason we're ignoring climate change is that Al Gore was right: This truth is just too inconvenient.