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rewriting in a sentence

1. It is also not a rewriting of history.

2. Another is URL rewriting.

3. All my plays are rewriting that same story.

4. Milius set about rewriting the script.

5. This modification is called URL rewriting.

6. Rewriting can be non-deterministic.

7. Williams was rewriting Battle of Angels by 1951.

8. he loved rewriting."

9. The rewriting focusses on the story of Imoinda.

10. It involved a tremendous amount of rewriting."

11. Chap Taylor also did some uncredited rewriting.

12. This constitutes a form of rewriting.

13. rewriting is hard.

14. Rewrite and rewriting may refer to:

15. There's been a lot of rewriting of history."

16. Some of them also underwent extensive rewriting.

17. Rewriting Tang Poetry".

18. They spent another six weeks rewriting the script.

19. Rewriting the above "hello world!"

20. Rewriting Canada’s security laws.

21. Everything requires rewriting."

22. The rewriting can be carried out recursively.

23. Filming was difficult with much rewriting on set.

24. Again, he began rewriting the concerto.

25. Rewriting Shakespeare (2012), Concrete &

26. I did more and more rewriting.

27. He spent nearly four years writing and rewriting.

28. this necessitated further rewriting.

29. It means more than rewriting some textbooks.

30. But what a shameless rewriting of history!