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1 Photos show them posing together holding handguns, a pair of insouciant revolutionaries.
2 His dress became as recognized a part of Cuba as he was, with his beard and olive drab becoming an inspiration to blue-collar workers and revolutionaries throughout Latin America and beyond.
3 three years after her death, revolutionaries owing allegiance to him overthrew both the Qing dynasty and the age-old system of imperial rule.
4 Without such a vanguard party of expert revolutionaries the exploiters of the working class will always be able to take advantage of the intellectual and organizational weaknesses of the masses.
5 Resistance Against Japan, Wu Yuzhang, one of the proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation, made remarkable contributions to Anti Japan National United Front.
6 In its July 27 proclamation, Sect of Revolutionaries said Giolias was the first of several prominent journalists and publishers it plans to attack for, they claim, promoting corrupt interests.
7 Galileo, I have already indicated that Hobbes had met, William Harvey, Rene Descartes; a handful of others who were part of what we think of as the modern scientific revolutionaries.
8 The whole town was alive with talk about revolutionaries who were flooding the mills with their handbills.
9 IP telephony revolutionaries the way we use the Internet, enabling us to call anywhere in the world for free using our computers.
10 The Tahrir revolutionaries were smart but chaotic, and without leadership.
11 Lincoln and Darwin were both revolutionaries, in the sense that both men upended realities that prevailed when they were born.
12 It wasn't, however, hemophilia B that killed the Russian prince and his sister-likely anastasia-rumored to have escaped the Bolshevik revolutionaries who assassinated the other Romanovs in 1918.
13 Brandishing Kalashnikovs and bloodstained baseball caps, these were Libya's revolutionaries.
14 not a few revolutionaries and militarists and other apostles of violence.
15 Many years ago there was a Mexican avantgarde group called the visceral realists, I think, but I don't know whether they were writers or painters or journalists or revolutionaries.
16 He defends monarchs against revolutionaries (earning a knighthood in one book).
17 One of the most striking things about the quantum revolutionaries was their youthfulness.
18 So to deny reformers and revolutionaries access to such technology would invariably hold them back in their goals.
19 But some hot-headed revolutionaries on the street interpret the NTC's deliberative style as weakness.
20 Revolutionaries who come to power by force of arms usually have great crimes in their background.
21 real revolutionaries recall that their phones and internet connections were cut off, on the government’s orders, during the clashes.
22 But as revolutionaries, we cannot condone attacks on working people, on the innocent.
23 These particular Republicans see themselves as revolutionaries determined to slash down big government.
24 Revolutionaries must learn from this.
25 We are no longer governed by fanatics, revolutionaries, or ideological zealots.
26 The inexperienced revolutionaries, if and when they take over, will face particular difficulties.
27 American revolutionaries accepted the idea of civic virtue as indispensable to their own republic, but tied it to property ownership, not military service.
28 understanding does not come easily, as the revolutionaries of Egypt and Tunisia, the front-running reformers, have found to their dismay.
29 This was not a conference about the revolutionaries; this was a conference for those very revolutionaries.
30 Like the uprisings sweeping the Middle East today, the revolutions of 1848 followed and fed off one another, with opposition figures consciously mimicking the rhetoric of revolutionaries past.