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No. sentence
1 The revival of Penang was already under way in 2008, but Mr Eng's new policies have helped it along.
2 Why this pawn revival?
3 But this sort of moral revival is what the country actually needs.
4 country I knew was one of revival and hope and "paradise lost" was a sentiment once reserved for the generation of my mother and father.
5 worry is that unsavoury organisations are coming into the country to take advantage of the Cham revival.
6 And it seemed to me that this revival was based on aseparation of individual liberty from the industrial revolution whose cause andsource is individual liberty.
7 If social, technological and external factors can make supposedly discredited predictions come true, what technology might be next in line for a revival?
8 Although the number of monks in most monasteries has declined over the decades, Mount Athos has enjoyed a revival in the last 25 years.
9 revival of something that combined beauty with utility might well prove popular.
10 But it also means that the supply of houses is lagging behind population growth, which will eventually prompt a housing revival.
11 This is a second revival for vinyl.
12 But he added: "the revival is happening at different levels of society, with some [Confucian theorists] having a much more critical way of thinking."
13 Perhaps the most surprising bout of consolidation and revival, however, has been in Latin America.
14 Anyone bullish on Treasurys has to believe that true fiscal conservatism will have a revival in Washington, where it always has struggled to find adherents.
15 For issuers, the costs of funding are lower than raising unsecured debt, and issuance does not depend on the revival of the securitisation markets.
16 Although Italy had problems, including a revival of the Mafia and a merry-go-round of weak governments, 50 years of rapid growth have made it a rich country.
17 In rich countries four main forces are driving the revival of industrial policy.
18 outrageous collection of things nature in a lovely Gothic Revival building from 1880.
19 Citigroup could create a "bank within a bank" to contain its worst-performing assets to try to protect the rest of the operation and allow a revival in lending.
20 trend in asset allocation among the largest pools of international investment money suggests 2010 will mark a revival in African bond issuance.
21 Reflecting the new mood, the headline on the front of the Washington Post today was "Signs of revival in retail, banks".
22 He again became key to a Bayern revival, winning four more league titles, another UEFA Cup and two German Cups.
23 But favourable external factors played only a minor part in the revival of emerging economies.
24 Managed properly, a nuclear revival could be a good thing.
25 But the Jewish revival is still fragile.
26 The case... will be critical to future in-flows of foreign direct investment, so vital to Russian economic revival.
27 The deal underscores the revival in shipping.
28 While the global financial conditions have shown improvement over the last few months, uncertainties relating to the revival of the global economy remain.
29 trapped in structured products are pinning all their hopes on a bubble revival to release them from looming poverty.
30 The flood of memories brought back by this revival of an incident anterior to her troubles produced a momentary dismay lest, recognizing her also, he should by some means discover her story.