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No. sentence
1 Occasionally, when he felt the urge in his back and shoulders, Kostya returned to the gym, but once there he felt like a guest.
2 Finally he returned to the official line from which he had swerved.
3 He returned (on) another way.
4 Since it returns an array of config objects, you should always check the length of the returned array.
5 When we returned we found that our home had been burglarized.
6 The old king returned to power after ten years' banishment.
7 The only caveat here is the need to interrogate the returned data to switch on the different data and tracer types.
8 The book you borrowed last week must be returned to the library before next Wednesday.
9 returned her cheque because she had not put her signature on it.
10 While Ali Baba took these measures, the captain of the forty robbers returned to the forest with inconceivable mortification.
11 Sam was sure that the wallet must have been found by one of the villagers, but it was not returned to him.
12 Mrs Heathcliff's lip quivered slightly, and she returned to her seat in the window.
13 There were no restrictions on which patches to visit, but each time a card was plucked it had to be returned to the home base, irrespective of colour.
14 Upon graduation he drifted for a while, and then returned to his parents' house in southern Japan.
15 viewing the shrub, Tholomyes exclaimed, "I offer you asses!" and having agreed upon a price with the owner of the asses, they returned by way of Vanvres and Issy.
16 You can see in this example that snoop has decoded the contents of the DNS protocol to show the raw data returned by the lookup.
17 the acrid smoke and smog that enveloped the capital, off and on this week, has returned forcing many to wear face masks outdoors.
18 the threat of cats, fairy terns have returned to the island—and forsaken their ancestral cliffs for a new life among the leaves and branches.
19 However, the value returned is probably not finely grained enough to be useful.
20 excitement of Mr. Dimmesdale's feelings, as he returned from his interview with Hester, lent him unaccustomed physical energy, and hurried him townward at a rapid pace.
21 After her funeral, I returned to her apartment with my family and friends.
22 after a couple days of sniffing duty, they can be returned, unharmed, to the hive.
23 The madman returned on his footsteps to seek anew the lost treasure, with his strength gone, his body bent, and his heart in the dust, like a tree uprooted.
24 His mind returned to those happy old days.
25 The happy life in my childhood returned to my memory.
26 eel is grilled on bamboo skewers over a hot wood fire, repeatedly dipped in water, and returned to the fire to steam the meat.
27 I am glad to say that I have returned to Shanghai, and I am glad to say that I have had the hard experience of how it was before The Times of Champagne and Caviar.
28 I should be sorry to think so, 'returned his companion.
29 In fact, only a quarter of the students who left China as a result ever returned.
30 When Becky returned, he limped and tottered in wild, joyous circles around her.