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1 pirate fishers are causing, the investigators found the practice undermining conservation measures, resulting in the depletion of fish stocks.
2 In a conventional heart attack, an obstructed artery starves the heart muscle of oxygenated blood, quickly resulting in the death of tissue and potentially permanently compromising heart function.
3 Of course! 'replied the uncle, with a hardly suppressed grimace, resulting from his deep aversion to both the proposed visitors.
4 This means that Web services portals, of which the Ajax applications are a part, could expose corrupted data to other parts of the portal, resulting in malformed messages and excessive parsing.
5 Boveri likened some of the resulting malformed embryos to tumors and, in 1914, predicted that gains or losses of specific chromosomes would initiate cancer.
6 For this example, the search string is also converted to lowercase, resulting in a search that is not case-sensitive.
7 By the end of the Construction phase, the Backlog should be reduced to zero and the solution should be functionally complete, resulting in an initial release candidate.
8 The southern part of the particle cloud, or solar wind, grazed Earth's magnetic field on the 14th and 15th, resulting in a particularly good night for aurorae.
9 This version is very literal in vocabulary and word order, although the resulting English is quite wooden.
10 In theory, the resulting agitation would ease identification of the precious isotope and aid its extraction.
11 The resulting thaw was alarming in its suddenness, drainpipes and gutters dripping, sidewalks puddling, streets flooded, a constant sound of water rushing downhill.
12 Experimental data showed that the surfactant could promote the penetration of liquefying reagents into the fibrous raw materials, resulting in accelerated liquefaction rate.
13 This may not be the case in all scenarios; you should take care when applying this pattern where the resulting software has to run in environments with limited resources.
14 Last Wednesday, a small section of that ice calved, resulting in a massive iceberg separating from the face.
15 The phenomenon is already seen in modern animals such as horses and zebras, and lions and tigers, but resulting offspring have always been infertile.
16 distillation, which needs about 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per cubic metre of seawater processed. Brine is heated, and the resulting water vapour is condensed.
17 The energy is used to heat the brine, partially evaporating it, and to condense the resulting water vapour.
18 Figure 3 shows a clip of the resulting picture being rendered.
19 They noted that he showed abnormal behaviors resulting from his hand-rearing and fame, such as swaying too and fro and holding a paw to his face in imitation of picture takers.
20 The resulting photo (see above) was a terrific advertisement in a country where capitalist propaganda was banned.
21 The resulting trial, which involved 30 people with tuberculosis, was a success, and a second is about to be carried out in Pakistan, where a batch of 400 XoutTB patches is arriving this month.
22 Lemons, oranges and any other citrus fruit form collagen resulting to holding the skin cells together. It is necessary to drink fruit juices and eat fruit every day.
23 Environmental stochasticity, This is a nondeterministic, unpredictable variation in the environmental conditions, resulting in a changing equilibrium density.
24 Writing this code over and over is boring, often resulting in the introduction of bugs into an application.
25 absence of death and destruction, and in their place [are] suited salesmen and plastic plants," says Murphy. His resulting photo series is titled Architects of War.
26 This confidence extends to other groups in the organization that support and rely upon the resulting application.
27 The slight error resulting from the partial solubility of the fibre in sodium hydroxide of higher concentrations is corrected.
28 This command was issued with a script every 20 minutes (approximately), and the resulting data then was averaged over the one-hour steady state time period.
29 When the garbage has been removed from the heap, GC can consider compacting the resulting set of objects to remove the Spaces between them.
30 Follis in Latin referred to bellows which were effectively bags of air that could be repeatedly squeezed, resulting in a blowing of oxygen on the hot coals of a fire.