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resultant in a sentence

1. the resultant pieces, flakes.

2. All resultant entries must be valid words.

3. The resultant force is identified as lift.

4. the resultant selection is a fact;

5. the resultant healing of the land."

6. The resultant Summit Hill &

7. The resultant opposition took many forms.

8. such an effect is termed a resultant.

9. the resultant being becomes a Hydra Queen.

10. The resultant oxaloacetate is released.

11. The resultant search turned up a red flag;

12. A related case is resultant moral luck.

13. The resultant flooding killed 10 people.

14. She names the resultant child after Garp.

15. The resultant work is exhaustive.

16. The resultant damage was non-significant.

17. the resultant harm."

18. The resultant shadow is then drawn.

19. The interface was the resultant language.

20. The resultant design has been patented.

21. Signorinetta was the resultant foal.

22. He died in the resultant crash.

23. The resultant work is exhaustive.

24. The resultant company of Spencer &

25. Their resultant is:

26. In the resultant feud, 41 men were killed.

27. Rusev dominated the resultant brawl.

28. The resultant album was Headquarters.

29. The resultant paper was published in PNAS.

30. The resultant type of any expression.