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No. sentence
1 The government decided to clamp restraints on Labour strikes.
2 This is extremely painful for the rabbits, who often scream when the substances are applied and sometimes break their necks or backs trying to escape the restraints.
3 Those restraints have begun to lift.
4 However, there are restraints and we can for example refer to the divine edict, that no military power will be allowed to use nuclear weapons, or start World War Three.
5 During the course of a negotiation one party might introduce obstacles attributed to limited funds, time, personnel, policy restraints, or a combination of reasons.
6 plan focuses on the big risks, including speeding, drinking and driving, inattention while using mobile devices, and failing to use seat-belts, helmets and child restraints.
7 Only 15% of countries have comprehensive laws relating to five key risk factors: speeding, drinking and driving, and the use of motorcycle helmets, seat-belts and child restraints.
8 buckle held the restraints in place. But the position of the buckle often caused severe injuries in bad crashes.
9 These pioneers realized very rapidly that to work within the restraints of the technology, they would have to be diligent to avoid overloading their systems with frivolous commands.
10 Making these changes remove some system resource consumption restraints for the user ID.
11 With these restraints in place, and with supply starting to catch up with demand, housing sales have slowed.
12 I tried all the movements I had learned so far. But nothing seemed to move my cosy restraints.
13 But figuring out what mix of incentives and restraints should be written into the program has proved extremely tricky.
14 A review by the BIS last year found that as long as interest rates remained low, credit growth tended to resume soon after restraints were imposed.
15 Bush’s tariffs, like the Reagan-era export restraints on Japanese cars and semiconductors, came from a president who was fundamentally committed to free trade.
16 The Victim. “But you don't understand my life, body, time restraints, problems, situation, history, challenges, injuries, medical conditions.
17 There were frequent changes of king, but never a variation in the code of restraints and punishments with which we were afflicted.
18 These restraints can assume a variety of forms or different structures of rights, which then define the institutional nature of the economic system.
19 In later letters, however, Townshend introduced a bill in Parliamentthat would instead increase the mobility of the laboring poor by removing "certain Disabilities and Restraints" upon them.
20 focus of the project will be on reducing drink-driving, increasing the use of seatbelts, child restraints and motorcycle helmets, limiting speed, and strengthening trauma care.
21 These include limiting speed, reducing drink-driving, and increasing the use of seatbelts, child restraints and motorcycle helmets.
22 be sure, Mr Bernanke thinks the economy will pick up of its own accord as it shakes off the temporary restraints of Japanese supply chain disruptions and higher petrol prices.
23 Such restraints, Microsoft contends, undermine competition — and thus pose a threat to consumer choice and better prices for online advertisers.
24 Butter won, and oleomargarine was taxed and placed under other restraints that persisted on the Federal level until 1950.
25 With few restraints, teens are creating digital records that also shape their reputations offline.
26 Bellick finally cuts through the restraints that tie his hands and feet together.
27 Google be lieves that entering China, even with restraints on content, lets it offer more information than if it remained outside.
28 Axis2 enables most of the data binding frameworks available today without restraints.
29 The Federal Reserve is not cheering: on April 14th Ben Bernanke, the chairman, predicted a “moderate” recovery amidst “significant restraints”.
30 Heidegger's dictum to be authentic and free oneself from conventional restraints, for example, can lead to a rejection of morality.