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1 The study strengthens the case that so-called supervolcano eruptions lead to massive climate change and may be responsible for many of the most devastating mass murders in Earth's history.
2 Secretary Rice says the United States expects Pakistan to fully cooperate with India in determining who is responsible for the Mumbai attack and helping to bring them to justice.
3 By the time a suitable release candidate has emerged, testers have already become the bottleneck and, to all appearances, responsible for any further delay.
4 Those managers responsible for an it portfolio will learn how to establish a strong and effective governance model that ensures a consistent level of security across the portfolio.
5 In addition, this document helps you identify who owns, and who is responsible for, producing each type of content.
6 We applaud that the responsible authorities are conducting those investigations.
7 As for whether the concrete and steel bridge towers needed to be 300 meters-breaking yet another record-sometimes the most responsible engineers can get a little carried away.
8 Owenses through their attorneys said that Mark Owens could not be responsible for what the scouts did because he did not command them.
9 You have data -- gathered from the successful project itself -- to back up your claims that the process (and your wisdom in selecting it!) is responsible for this success.
10 Politicians are responsible. Gordon Brown, the chancellor of the exchequer, and David Blunkett, the former home secretary, have recently eulogized the nation in speeches.
11 But Pyongyang denies it is responsible for the attack.
12 Afghan soldiers and local people still frantically digging through the rubble, a row broke out over who was responsible for the bombing and over the more general issue of civilian casualties.
13 Due to heavy computer use, wrist tendons can injure the median nerve responsible for finger function.
14 Thutmose III was responsible for building over fifty temples in Egypt and effecting massive additions to Egypt ‘s chief temple at Karnak .
15 Our duty is to hold ourselves responsible to the people.
16 Despite its claims, Dartmoor zoo itself has been responsible for killing animals - deer, as a result of "overpopulation", and a Wolf who was ostracised by the pack, for example.
17 In this article, we discussed how JP Morgan was winding down their proprietary trading desks, which we felt were responsible for the silver manipulation.
18 But if we want to cool one, this is a responsible love and protection.
19 The rope-like tendon connects the calf muscles, the gastrocnemius and the soleus, to the heel bone, and is responsible for pushing off when you walk, jump or run.
20 The project is to be carried out under the overall responsibility of the Ministry of Communications (MOC) with an expressway company responsible for supervision of the expressway construction.
21 African farmers are sometimes thought to be somehow responsible for their low yields, but the blame lies with the technology at their disposal.
22 A Chinese government-linked organization responsible for recovering looted cultural artifacts opposed selling the head at auction because there was no assurance that it would end up in China.
23 In these cases, doctors and producers should be responsible because they have much easier access to the relevant information than do patients and consumers.
24 It is responsible for everything we do," he says, "every belief, intention and action."
25 You: Obviously if there's an emergency and you're the only one around, the pressure to help out increases massively. You feel 100 percent responsible for what happens.
26 They fear the consequences of paying off those responsible for the mess. But they cannot let hundreds of millions of innocents suffer.
27 Decker of DICE, the ea subsidiary responsible for the game, says the game's website is already attracting 60,000 visits per day, which bodes well for its launch later this summer.
28 After paying compensations from its risk fund, the relevant securities registration and settlement organization shall seek compensations from those who are responsible for the losses.
29 America wants China to be a thriving market for its goods. It also wants China to become an active, responsible power in world affairs.
30 President Obama is right about the need for more responsibility, but for those of you who have been responsible, this is the time to disregard those puritanical whispers and buy something fun.