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No. sentence
1 you could train a pigeon to peck for food but that's because pecking for food is a very natural response.
2 An example of service metadata can be the agreed-upon cost and response time between the service provider (SP) and the service subscriber (SS).
3 AAA Policy [response] for generating a required token for response message sp: usernametoken.
4 could bring enormous benefits if I could convince Congress to pass the budget, and if it got the hoped-for response from the Federal Reserve and the bond market.
5 In response to a request, it sends a standard HTTP response header, collects readings from the relevant pins, and sends the data package in text format.
6 In humans melatonin levels rise at night, in response to darkness and cues from the circadian clock.
7 no immediate response from Peanut Corp., which owns the Blakely processing plant at the center of the investigation.
8 This provides a single result, the count of the number of occurrences of the 'red' response in question two across all the respondents.
9 any system where work is queuing up, the response time of the system is likely to be dominated by the queueing time, rather than any garbage collection pauses.
10 might not do because the response is late or by design.
11 His eloquent speech called out a response in the heart of every man.
12 This depends not on the stimuli but on the combination of stimulus and response.
13 We can do this because of the void response for both the requestor and provider.
14 She, however, gave a different response evidently, for his forehead cleared as she stooped and whispered in his ear.
15 In other words, not only do mice show a response to the pain of others, but it matters who the other mouse is.
16 In very lightly loaded systems, pause times are an important component of response times, but the pause times become less and less important as the system becomes heavily loaded.
17 In disaster activity: In regard to disaster response, this is ideal.
18 In response he hit on the idea of scrapping a prized facet of his country's welfare system.
19 FSB transactions go through 5 phases: arbitration, request, snoop, response, and data.
20 These are important results because they demonstrate a mirror neuron response to the meaning of an action and not just the observation of one.
21 When the response message is converted from SOAP into a text message, we can route it to this foreign destination that will simply forward the message back to MQ.
22 In that database, you have a table with records containing headline, link and description fields, which you will request to put into your XML response.
23 Of course this would only work if buyers reduced their demand in response to the tax increase in prices.
24 Often one service calls another service in a chain to determine the response to a request from a consumer.
25 response of the authorities has been to beef up security, with armed guards in public areas and doorway metal detectors in stations and hotels.
26 As long as it's just a rogue, though, and not a systemic cultural issue, then the response is far more likely to be pity than anger.
27 The next section provides sample statements for commonly requested queries in the area of volume and response information.
28 The response template contains a type safe subset of the value object information graph requested by the user in the request template.
29 The previous filter in the filter chain passes request, response, and filter chain objects to APF.
30 service passes a response -- if there is one -- back to the client via another asynchronous message.