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respire in a sentence

1. Without them, a cell ceases to respire aerobically and quickly dies.

2. They are heterotrophs that normally respire by aerobic means.

3. Other species can respire through their skin, intestines, and/or stomach.

4. Some species that lack lungs respire through gills.

5. Nemerteans respire through the skin.

6. Snails that respire using a lung belong to the group Pulmonata.

7. He can speak, eat, see, and even respire through these mouths.

8. In general, sea snakes are able to respire through their skin.

9. Planting stock continues to respire during storage even if frozen.

10. Methanogens do not use oxygen to respire;

11. He worked extensively on insect eggs, particularly the way in which they respire.

12. Geobacter species are also found to be able to respire upon a graphite electrode.

13. Thermoplasma are facultative anaerobes and respire using sulfur and organic carbon.

14. Planting stock continues to respire during storage even if frozen.

15. They instead respire through a series of gill slits that perforate the body wall.

16. Most species of the sea snakes are able to respire through the top of their skin.

17. Most snails that live in salt water respire using a gill or gills;

18. "Respire" is one of Mickey 3D's most popular songs.

19. With very few exceptions, animals respire aerobically.

20. Plants respire some of the carbon compounds which were generated by photosynthesis.

21. These bacteria will respire the carbon compounds through the TCA cycle;

22. The fungi will respire these sugars for energy thereby increasing soil respiration.

23. Similar to most earthworms, they must keep their body surface wet to respire.

24. Leeches live in damp surroundings and in general respire through their body wall.

25. Among band's other songs, there were "Pyromellow" and "Respire".

26. Due to branched tubular gills, caterpillars can respire in aquatic media.

27. He released his album Tant qu'on respire in 2015 and his EP Écartez-vous in 2017.

28. This demonstrates that plants respire to consume oxygen.

29. is also produced when living organisms respire.

30. All living things respire as long as they live.