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No. sentence
1 We are preparing to hold a meeting to discuss problems respecting the quality of education.
2 An object that slightly touches the ground, timidly, respecting the natural slope avoiding huge ground interventions.
3 Listening to and respecting your elders is deep-rooted in every culture of the world because it is generally believed that with age comes wisdom and experience.
4 respecting the old has long been a national tradition-such a person as the girl depicted in the above picture is not only selfish and impolite but also uncivilized and detestable.
5 For now, honking fans are instead being praised by organizers has respecting rules about keeping quiet during announcements and anthems, and blasting away during play when that's allowed.
6 That means conserving plants, wildlife and other resources; respecting local cultures and ways of life; and contributing positively to local communities.
7 Instead of respecting the particularity of the past, it assimilates all events, past and present, into a single deterministic schema that is presumed to be true at all times and in all circumstances.
8 But making the decision to take the family on a trip that involves helping others or respecting the environment instead of lounging at the beach can be made relatively quickly.
9 This is not to say that you let others trod all over – it is also about respecting your own needs and boundaries and creating your life as best you want it to be.
10 Where is the line between respecting the professor and expressing your own views?
11 We need to find ways of alleviating the disability while respecting and valuing the difference.
12 no is about respecting and valuing your time and space.
13 He came up with unplugging as a way of respecting the Sabbath, without all the praying and not going to parties.
14 The trial and tribulations of interracial couples show a mirror to how far we-as a civilization have come in accepting and respecting differences.
15 Joyce looked once at the bruises, shuddered, and then turned away as if respecting Patty's privacy.
16 We're a nation that brings our enemies to justice while adhering to the rule of law, and respecting the rights of all our citizens.
17 Nations must not only make peace with their neighbors, they must make peace with themselves, and that means respecting diversity, and protecting it in law.
18 The problem [with the international community] is that they are looking for an exit strategy, and the excuse of respecting culture has been used in this country for 30 years - it's not new.
19 You have to compete in spirit of fair play, respecting your opponents and the rules -without doping or any other unfair advantage.
20 Governments should recognize the rights of minorities while respecting the will of the majority.
21 This is a question of respecting Greenlandic people and giving them the right to decide their own destiny.
22 Respecting the independence and development of different cultures and strengthening cultural interflows and cooperation is essential to upholding cultural diversity in the world.
23 She felt that here children were old enough to start respecting other people's values and was very eager to teach her children this new exercise.
24 The two sides reaffirmed the fundamental principle of respecting each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Neither side supports any attempts by any force to undermine this principle.
25 Listening and understanding questions, respecting the team, offering guidance and support is imperative to become a good PM.
26 It was difficult at first to gain the co-operation of the people, but over the years we succeeded by working with them and respecting their needs and priorities.
27 When the children were rude to each other and started to get out of control, instead of telling them off, Cara agreed to ask them if they were respecting their family values.
28 The key to avoiding oversimplification is respecting the problem you're trying to resolve.
29 This is where respect comes into the picture — without respecting your environment, including the community around you, there can be no self-respect.
30 The author admits, however, that many firms’ attempts to train staff to understand cultural issues fail, because they do not go beyond vague and overarching homilies about respecting diversity.