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No. sentence
1 It's a movable meadow made of various colours and types of artificial and natural grasses, from golf green to tennis red, arranged to resemble an Oriental rug.
2 If water can be found there, then so can life, he said, adding that aliens would most likely resemble humans with two arms, two legs and a head.
3 So, with this information entered, you have provided all the necessary deployment information, and your deployment configuration should resemble the one shown in Figure 5.
4 Not only that, but we've compiled a list of buildings from around the world that resemble food.
5 Both satellite galaxies resemble the ones that smashed together long ago to create giant galaxies like our own, so the discovery helps illuminate how such galactic building blocks formed and evolved.
6 The translucent columns also resemble giant pillars of ice but are warmed by superheated air leaking up from underground magma Chambers.
7 Some passionflowers transform parts of their leaves into shapes that resemble butterfly eggs; mother butterflies, seeing the "eggs," move on to other plants to deposit their babies.
8 Their genetics—including the genetics of sleep—have been studied for almost a century, and many of the genes that play a role in human sleep resemble those that control sleep in fruit flies.
9 A hot air balloon, shaped and sized to resemble the Space Shuttle, drifts over Ottawa.
10 As the boat drifts back to sea, the retreating pinpricks of light along the shore resemble isolated outposts somewhere close to the end of the earth.
11 Objects that resemble ocean slabs can be seen in seismic recordings, but they lie far too deep for any drill to sample.
12 Casein is probably used in soy cheese products because it helps those resemble the taste of real cheese.
13 Its cries are said to resemble a wailing woman and are perceived by locals as an omen of death.
14 Bond spreads can go up, down, sideways or even resemble a bowl of spaghetti.
15 This may explain why German history books have tended to be dull collections of documents, and French ones often resemble lifestyle magazines.
16 If mineral veins sometimes resemble botanical illustrations, blame it on Earth's molten nature and fluid mechanics: when seen from above, a branching river also looks like a tree.
17 When the bundles were mechanically stimulated with a slender piece of glass, the cells generated electrical currents that resemble those produced by young hair cells.
18 Psychologist Michael Roy of Elizabethtown College studies whether or not dogs and their owners resemble each other.
19 staging environment should resemble your production environment as closely as possible with each server type and integration point represented.
20 The look and form of the phone is designed to resemble the playful nature of the xylophone.
21 Gorillas stride with their arms and wrists extended straight down and locked in what Kivell called 'columnar' stances that resemble how elephants walk.
22 Many of the three-dimensional works are displayed on a series of large, amorphously shaped islands that resemble flat-topped, pale yellow sand dunes.Initially this seems odd.
23 In this it will resemble the top quark, the latest fundamental particle to have been detected.
24 The odd shapes that tufa take can sometimes resemble coral.
25 In addition, our ability to predict the future is so poor that I would hesitate before accepting the idea that future threats will resemble those we face today.
26 sharp edges, its structure, the matte finish and very gray make it resemble a shark, and Audi Shark aspires to be so on the road.
27 experience could make the guidelines discussed in this article awkward to follow, and the results could even (as previously noted) resemble glorified macros.
28 In public, George Bush said only that Russia would find its own version of democracy-exactly the argument that the Kremlin USES to explain why its version does not resemble anyone else's.
29 tiny white specks at this scale, the icebergs resemble tiny grains of salt floating on the water’s surface.
30 The enzymes are usually made by gene-modified bacteria or fungi and resemble the saliva of termites, which is notoriously good at dissolving cellulose.