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No. sentence
1 Peck interviewed the representative via instant message, contacting an account he said they used to send out the tweets and later deleted.
2 The premier accredited Mr. Bush as his representative.
3 In such cases, the data analyst must build representative data samples from existing test data or sample the production data.
4 Even if your loved one is too weak to attend services at a place of worship, you can ask a representative to visit him and to provide readings and other material that will give him comfort.
5 to six representative rail traffic pivots in the world, the thesis analyses the achievement and deficiency in visual environment design of transfer and joint space.
6 representative had been well primed with the facts by party headquarters.
7 Although it may be the case for some kids and this is a time of emotional ups and downs, that stereotype certainly is not representative of most teens.
8 find out Helsper and Whitty (2010) recruited a representative sample of 992 British couples and asked them what is acceptable and whether they snoop on each other.
9 On another occasion, at an international student conference in Amsterdam, conducted in English, the lone British representative was asked to be "less English" so that the others could understand her.
10 A student journalist interviewed someone claiming to be a representative of the hackers shortly before the Obama tweets were posted.
11 Santa Ana sent a representative to meet with General Taylor. The representative said the American force had one hour to surrender.
12 If the two applications have a UUE, the claims representative will be able to go back and forth between the two much easier than if they do not.
13 The company hired the President's special trade representative to lobby Mr. Pierce.
14 For sales, the sales region and sales representative are the relevant pieces of information, but for financing, information about revenue and credit rating is important.
15 The new president of the council and the “high representative” for foreign affairs may sound as if they have wandered off the set of “The Mikado”, but they could have clout and resources.
16 Most soldiers deploy with a laptop in hand and a hookup to the Internet in their barracks, says a representative.
17 was to some extent a collective endeavour, to which you all contributed, and from which I, Jeshua, was the visible, physical representative.
18 Legged robot soccer is the representative dynamic nondeterministic environment.
19 If she prints some flyers, calls some meetings and urges her neighbours to write to their state representative demanding change, she has to register as a “grassroots lobbyist”.
20 However, Tencent's representative begs to differ while stating the case.
21 If you want to convince others that your opinion is representative of the majority, then just repeat yourself.
22 When they get upset or nervous, the money gets yanked and we have to live with that vulnerability,” says Robert McCauley, chief representative for Asia-Pacific at the BIS.
23 For China, the meeting is another chance to underscore its status - more as an out and out global leader than as a representative of the emerging world.
24 It also means we need to involve the customer or customer representative in the project to ensure we understand what their needs are.
25 A basic rule is never to dive or snorkel unaccompanied. Where possible make any bookings through your tour representative.
26 you know how to contact your local member of parliament or local representative?
27 students just supply their information and we do all the work,” said one representative, who requested anonymity to protect his job.
28 I agree entirely with the sentiment that if the project is not important enough to have a user representative, then it is not important enough to even do.
29 My own errors, of course, are of particular interest only to me, but I fear that they are fairly representative of the economics profession.
30 We have a counter at the airport. Our representative will escort you to the car.