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No. sentence
1 Replacing complex manual tasks with computer applications causes an increase in the complexity of the user interfaces of such applications.
2 Even brown bag lunches can be more enjoyable, and eco-friendly, by replacing your plastic with metal and other aesthetically-pleasing, reusable materials.
3 Also, the Afghan culinary tradition is very tolerant in replacing meat in pilaf. You can change lamb in the meal with every kind of meat, except pork.
4 Class wrapping: This is the process of wrapping or replacing a target class with another class that implements the same functionality but also contains instrumentation.
5 However, the major improvement will be replacing the cumbersome motor-powered tangle of pulleys and cables previously used to move the tail fin with something more elegant.
6 Mr Khamenei has hinted that he may abolish the presidency altogether, replacing it with an honorary post elected by members of parliament rather than directly by the people.
7 We're not replacing our core production in Germany," says Manfred Wittenstein, the chairman of the board and a son of the founder.
8 Uzbek men are now replacing fallen trees with welded iron barriers, to keep out their attackers “until the peacekeepers arrive”.
9 Reparing a machine or replacing a part — he can cope with things like that all right.
10 result, food makers are reworking decades-old recipes, eliminating the corn syrup used to sweeten foods like ketchup and crackers, and replacing it with beet or cane sugar.
11 output of each program is then pasted back into the buffer, replacing the original contents.
12 The company has delivered the SPV400 to the U.K.Ministry of Defence for trials alongside machines from two other suppliers in hopes of replacing the Snatch Land Rover with a better protected vehicle.
13 She stressed the experiment was not about replacing human teachers with robots.
14 are not capable of 'replacing' all fluids lost in sweat when we run. Especially when it is very hot and humid.
15 Check toilets for silent leaks by putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank; if the color shows up in the bowl indicating a leak, fixing it may be as simple as replacing the toilet's flapper.
16 They also propose replacing fixed-term contracts for new hires with a permanent contract in which firing costs rise with seniority but not as high as at present.
17 five years, every plank on the deck will need replacing.
18 Consider automating the sprinklers or replacing all those little flowerbeds with lawn.
19 He devised the Q Ratio, a formula that divides total market capitalization by the cost of replacing assets.
20 It's very easy to estimate the scheduling cost of adding systems or replacing them when your machines will converge to a known state shortly.
21 Subways and skyscrapers, in other words, are replacing exports of furniture and iPhones as the symbols of this nation’s prowess.
22 No information in this article should be be construed as overriding or replacing the information provided in any license agreement.) in general, though.
23 prospects of replacing today’s inefficient incandescent light bulbs with long-lasting, low-power LEDs are increasing.
24 Executing a single command on a remote host (replacing RSH).
25 If it is safe, drive the car at low speed, braking as needed. The brake pads need replacing, or cleaning, if they squeal.
26 I was replacing a camera with a glued on lens piece that had fallen off when one of my kids played with it.
27 Missing payments, not cashing cheques, replacing items that have been misplaced can all be very costly and add up in the long run.
28 if we set these things equal, what we get is actually, we are replacing the function by its linear approximation.
29 GEGL is in the process of replacing the core-compositing and image operations in GIMP itself.
30 I choose the apples that are pock-marked and are slightly bitten up by bugs," she told me while replacing the apples in my basket.