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repelled in a sentence

1. The offensive was repelled.

2. Max is repelled by all the chaos.

3. The German attack was repelled;

4. The six villains are repelled.

5. lanolin on the fur repelled water.

6. This attack was repelled.

7. The German attack was repelled;

8. Volumnius repelled the raids.

9. Both are repelled and beaten.

10. The attempt was repelled.

11. The Ukrainians were repelled.

12. he was repelled.

13. The Brandenburgers were repelled.

14. The attack was repelled.

15. Attack had been repelled.

16. The attack was repelled.

17. The attack was repelled.

18. Tang repelled them.

19. Their attack was repelled.

20. The Spanish repelled the attack.

21. He is repelled, but not killed.

22. The Esopus were again repelled.

23. The attack was however repelled.

24. the claim was repelled.

25. The attack was repelled.

26. The attack was repelled.

27. Albert Pel repelled all charges.

28. They were repelled.

29. They were ultimately repelled.

30. This time they were repelled.