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remote villages in a sentence

1. Only the most remote villages have remained isolated from the main town.

2. Even today, only one idol is prepared in the remote villages.

3. He set for journeys to remote villages in search of the manuscripts.

4. Quiet remote villages become crowded.

5. They live in remote villages in the mountains and coastal areas.

6. The ongoing project takes him to remote villages and communities.

7. He travelled to remote villages and towns of India to hold mass eye camps.

8. natives in remote villages continue to consume the larvae.

9. Tungkua and Khodai still remain confined to remote villages.

10. It is becoming rare, and found in remote villages only.

11. Even in remote villages, they arrive at regular intervals.

12. delivered supplies, mail and medicines to remote villages;

13. The CSI church spire is very tall and it can be seen from remote villages.

14. A river links remote villages with Payanam with the help of boat service.

15. Haanagal is one of the remote villages of India.

16. Most lived in remote villages.

17. He needed his own airplane in order to reach Alaska's remote villages.

18. Ravi traveled even to the remote villages of Kerala for this programme.

19. Mobile phones are quite common even in the remote villages.

20. Still, a lot of high altitude and remote villages have not got roads yet.

21. It includes two more remote villages: Silaneerpatti, and Vadathipatti.

22. Even young children use Iqmik in the remote villages of Alaska.

23. reaching remote villages by bamboo rafts in northern Thailand;

24. She occasionally drops educational pamphlets over remote villages.

25. This clothing is popular in remote villages and during festivals.

26. Bhovi is used only in small remote villages.

27. The study included 72 remote villages' water sources.

28. SmartGaon app allows connectivity of remote villages to urban world.

29. Al Sogara is described as one of the most remote villages in Oman.

30. By March 22, some remote villages were attempting to isolate themselves.