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No. sentence
1 He loves the South and hopes to remain in this post for a while. But, he says, finding a nice Jewish girl in Mississippi isn't easy.
2 This visit will always remain in my memory.
3 They would have benefited from the virtue to remain faithful, or at least the wiliness to appear faithful while cheating discreetly.
4 While the global financial conditions have shown improvement over the last few months, uncertainties relating to the revival of the global economy remain.
5 the wake of this failure, will the WTO remain useful enough to the big powers to retain their support and patronage?
6 Wherever possible, mothers and babies should remain together and be provided with the support they need to exercise the most appropriate feeding option under the circumstances.
7 But however good computers get at classifying paintings, they are likely to remain only one of the tools used to detect forgeries.
8 If that happened in this case, the ice would be long gone. But the faulty readings in the memory chips of the flight data recorder would remain.
9 Version numbers do not have to remain constant from stream to stream.
10 Mr Sarkozy, who will remain interior minister until the end of March, has also been nibbling at the far-right vote with hard talk on both immigration and crime.
11 The poor in Gansu and Yunnan, by contrast are at risk of having their meagre property confiscated if they fail to remain within birthing quotas.
12 Aging and death will remain central to our biology at least for as long as I can foresee," he says.
13 Three other counterfeit Apple stores that operate without Apple's authorization remain in Kunming.
14 protect Fuxianhe lake becomes the key issue to remain sustainable development of society and economy of Yuxi.
15 But Dali's rising popularity is creating a dilemma: how long can this modern Shangri-La remain a place to get away from it all?
16 Global primary energy demand will remain overwhelmingly dominated by fossil fuels, with coal, oil and gas accounting for 82 percent in 2030 (currently 81 percent).
17 The rowdy schoolboys and apprentices take centre stage; behind them, stitching in a corner or singing to a doll, the girls remain as ghosts.
18 Just as few expected the Russians to invade Georgia, we remain unaware of precisely where our next crisis will erupt, or when.
19 Scoop out that remaining bit of lipstick from the tube with a lip brush. You'll be surprised at how many applications remain.
20 He glanced fearfully towards the Heights, begging she would remain another half-hour at least.
21 reference the four-rung "ladder" of collaboration we introduced in our last blog post, we believe that US cooperation with India will remain purely transactional - trapped on the second rung.
22 Though shops remain boarded where rioters smashed Windows and filched goods, Birmingham is busy again.
23 However, the borrowing costs of Portugal and the Republic of Ireland still remain at levels that suggest markets think they too are likely to default in the next five years.
24 For all their realism, these dramas remain, at heart, fiction.
25 This approach allows insight into whether the defined scope of work has been completed or if items remain outstanding as seen in Figure 3.
26 Party and government institutions should remain honest and clean.
27 He had to work hard to remain ahead of his classmates.
28 The works will remain under wraps for a week.
29 If a singer hits a pitch that matches the frequency of one glass, the glass might absorb so much acoustic energy that it will shatter; the other glasses remain unaffected.
30 In the meantime, Rose would remain in Holt's orphanage, which looked in pictures to be in a pretty spot, on a hill above the sea, with a view of the mountains toward the northeast.