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1 But some adoption agencies have been bucked the rules, saying it's unfair to force them to go against their religious beliefs by coordinating adoptions for gay families.
2 They thought the religious sect was guilty of brainwashing.
3 But a humanist camp is less about indoctrination than reassurance that it is all right not to be religious; that it is possible to be moral without believing in the supernatural.
4 Few are as surreal as this: the smart gates of a religious primary school that abuts a neon-lit townhouse, in the doorway of which dances a hostess clad in hot pants, a hat and very little else.
5 People behaving suspiciously or with an unusual travel pattern might find themselves under additional scrutiny but racial or religious factors could also soon form part of the criteria.
6 Angels, cherubs and putti adorn some the world's most famous religious paintings and architecture, hovering in the air to witness the deeds of God and men.
7 Yet in a case in 1972 the court upheld the rights of Amish parents to refuse, on religious grounds, to send their children to school beyond 8th grade.
8 Westerners who welcomed the restoration of religious freedom in post-Soviet Russia were often dismayed by the cosy relations that Alexy's church enjoyed with the Kremlin.
9 In his preteens he had a brief, intense religious experience, going so far as to chide his assimilated family for eating pork.
10 Bosses need to be aware of and protect people who abstain -- be it for religious reasons, because they've had control problems in the past or because they simply don't like the way the stuff tastes.
11 Many of her readers, religious or not, will be more than halfway with her.
12 No one shall be disquieted on account of his opinions, including his religious views, provided their manifestation does not disturb the public order established by law.
13 It is utility to have jade as decoration, keepsake, religious apparatus or present which related to human being. That sprung the aesthetics of jade.
14 He thought at first that her religious devotion must be her form of rebellion against his parental authority, just as he had rebelled against his own parents.
15 We have very different understandings of what we mean about the inherent human dignity when we bring in our, I mean, in my sense, particularly religious understandings.
16 Religious scholar and philosopher, Augustine produced works, principally his Confessions and his City of God, that are classics in both the philosophy of religion and Christian doctrine.
17 His body is gone but the family hopes that he is still with those he loves, whether they are religious or historical figures, personal friends or fictional characters.
18 But the question is only half a religious one; there is something there worth studying, especially if you want to design new languages.
19 for all the talk of bipartisanship and Mr Obama's courting of religious voters during his campaign, their voting patterns did not change much at all, so he owes them little.
20 They tend to adopt religious, philosophical, or spiritual beliefs to create meaning in their lives and provide a sense of belonging that they either never h ad or lost when their loved one died.
21 Depictions of ritual sporting events are seen in the Minoan art of Bronze Age Crete (from approximately 2700 to 1450 BC), mainly involving religious bull-leaping and possibly bullfighting.
22 Here they bring up spiritual energies not as being a religious or metaphysical type of energy but the energy we get when we are associated with purpose.
23 His insight was that all forms of religious expression were merely the abstracted vague longings of the human species translated into deities and their hangers-on, or in other words a god delusion.
24 Cockfights, bullfights and the use of animals in religious or other festivals can all be considered part of a local culture, but culture is no excuse for cruelty.
25 Amish GRACE explores the many questions this story raises about the religious beliefs and habits that led the Amish to forgive so quickly.
26 Most of the young women interviewed for this article said they did not blame the culture for their health problems and said they derived support from their religious faith.
27 Religious singing and church bells felled the air, as did the cried of the beggars asking for help.
28 The religious leaders who counseled me, visited me at the White House, or called to pray with me reminded me that, notwithstanding the condemnations I had received from some quarters, God is love.
29 a prominent religious leader in Cairo called for severe punishment of any person who facilitates the sale of artificial hymens, deeming it an immoral and corrupt act.
30 The cosmology central to religious Hinduism is one in which the godhead is understood to be "dreaming" each of us.