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1 are moments when a woman accepts, like a sombre and resigned goddess, the religion of love.
2 Religion had to bring a softening effect upon against the violent and bestial character of the early Romans. But for us today, Machiavelli writes, religion has to serve the opposite purpose.
3 and again, the answer lies not in luck, nature, the strictures of this or that religion, or the plots of perfidious foreigners, but largely in the choices of rulers and ruled.
4 This turnaround seems to have come at the expense of those who describe themselves as being without religion.
5 One reason is their century-old secular tradition, which fiercely defends the separation of faith and state, and makes most French people uneasy about conspicuous religion.
6 Nevertheless, we have a view of what religion should be, in its best form, and these four articles describe features that a religion fit for the contemporary world needs to have.
7 If he is right, then people who believe that their religion protects them from harm may be correct, although the protection is of a different sort from the supernatural one they perceive.
8 pendulum effect of American politics would favour Republicans, and Mr Huntsman would be well-placed to win support from moderate Democrats who can overlook his religion.
9 And that brings us to a critical problem facing anyone who seeks to reconstruct ancient Israelite religion or culture on the basis of the biblical materials.
10 Religious scholar and philosopher, Augustine produced works, principally his Confessions and his City of God, that are classics in both the philosophy of religion and Christian doctrine.
11 There was no real religion, at home or in school, so Erica had never noticed the gray thumbprints on Ash Wednesday, on the foreheads of the old and the Polish.
12 A Shaolin abbot who styles himself as a CEO, or a cabbie who, when asked about religion, growls, "I believe only in money," are expressing attitudes incomprehensibly alien to India's devout.
13 Symbolism was essential to premodern religion, because it was only possible to speak about the ultimate reality-god, Tao, Brahman or nirvana-analogically, since it lay beyond the reach of words.
14 The trend in the responses was clear: When people lived in larger communities, and participated more in markets and religion, they were more willing to share, and more willing to punish selfishness.
15 One of the foundational myths of Egyptian religion, the legend tells how Osiris, murdered by his brother Seth, was chopped into pieces and scattered all over Egypt.
16 Lifestyle choices, partnering options and religion, as well as working hours and social participation were all found to have a significant impact on the levels of happiness of the study participants.
17 I grew up in a family where environmentalism was religion; here in this rookery, for someone of my faith, was life as it is supposed to be, in all its amplitude.
18 With the advent of apps, though, it's become more like my religion.
19 I can't help suspecting that many people who stress the non-supernatural aspects of religion are actually still very much wedded to the spooky bits, but too embarrassed to volunteer the fact.
20 idea that religion is too mysterious, too complicated or too personal to be debated on cable television just ensures that it never gets debated at all.
21 In Italy the church still enjoys a sort of immunity, for cultural reasons, but Italians will surely one day insist that their religion should be answerable to the law of the land.
22 Global climate change is not a religion to me but I do believe carbon pollution is harmful to the environment and I want to find a way to fix that problem," Graham said on Friday.
23 An estimated 14% of Americans profess to have no religion, and among 18-to-25-year-olds, the proportion rises to 20%, according to the Institute for Humanist Studies.
24 Though he was tortured to make him change his religion the prisoner would not recant.
25 That which science can study and explain empirically should not be left to science, and if a religion makes a claim that is incompatible with our best science, the scientific claim need not prevail.
26 been so much my religion ever since we were married to be faithful to you in every thought and look, that even when a man speaks a compliment to me before I am aware, it seems wronging you.
27 He established a religion, first a sect, you might say, then a religion, then eventually an empire, the Holy Roman empire, that was established in the name of that teaching.
28 Out of them the Christian religion generates.
29 churchman who never reads The Freethinker very soon has no more real religion than the atheist who never reads The Church Times.
30 He was a Catholic but didn't practise his religion.