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relatively in a sentence

61. Summers are relatively warm.

62. H2 is relatively unreactive.

63. Winters are relatively mild.

64. winters are relatively cold.

65. The NGA did relatively well.

66. Combat is relatively simple.

67. The view is relatively late;

68. Ratings were relatively low.

69. Sales began relatively slow.

70. Relatively Speaking on IMDb.

71. The tail is relatively long.

72. Breeding is relatively easy.

73. The neck is relatively long.

74. The neck is relatively long.

75. The body is relatively slim.

76. The body relatively slender.

77. The head is relatively wide.

78. The head is relatively wide;

79. The tail is relatively long.

80. he was relatively effective;

81. Winters are relatively mild.

82. Snowfall is relatively rare.

83. relatively short hindlimbs;

84. (...) It is relatively big.

85. Relatively small fruit size.

86. The tail is relatively long;

87. Leaves are relatively thin.

88. relatively short hindlimbs;

89. Summers are relatively dry.

90. They are relatively common;