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No. sentence
1 The bears also point to China's expensive real-estate market and so-called ghost cities that relatively few inhabit, despite billions poured into them by Beijing.
2 Some of the differences are relatively trivial — parentheses instead of Angle brackets, for example — while others are ambivalent.
3 The result is a row of samples shifting from the relatively dark, coarse grains of the Northeast to the fine white beach sand of the Southeast.
4 Mesa foods, a manufacturer of snack foods that currently markets its products within a relatively small region of the country, has strong growth potential.
5 an hour's drive from Tengchong, a city of several hundred thousand -- relatively small by Chinese standards -- in western Yunnan.
6 Intraprefectural integration was also high in relatively isolated prefectures.
7 If nothing else, at least make sure your line of sight is relatively in line with your monitor, and that your wrists make a straight line to your elbows.
8 The goal is to buy the swaps when such protection is relatively cheap and sell them when debt worries erupt, sending such prices higher.
9 these troops have rarely been at the centre of the action: in Afghanistan, they stay in the relatively calm north; in Lebanon, they patrol at sea, not on land.
10 But Austria's economy bounced back relatively quickly by 2010.
11 That sent a strong signal that the company trusted employees, yet it involved relatively little risk, because the policy was tied to employees' not abusing the trust.
12 It is not a complex process; for a large number of installations and migrations, it should be relatively straightforward.
13 The tale is a sordid one, but let’s at least begin in relatively pleasant surroundings, among the leather armchairs of the Travellers Club in London.
14 The new model leased the equipment to the customer at a relatively low cost and then charged a per copy fee for copies in excess of 2000 copies per month.
15 So it seems that light swearing can be useful, even in a relatively formal situation like a lecture.
16 Vegetables are not that great on the whole because of the high pollution in the soil but it is a big advantage being relatively close to the Caspian and the source of caviar.
17 The planet has a relatively thin atmosphere composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen.
18 But the Amsterdam accident is also the fourth major crash-landing in 13 months in which all or most of the passengers escaped relatively unharmed.
19 In making decisions, the frontal lobe of the human brain, which is relatively new in evolutionary history, is instrumental.
20 After all the off-chip to be scab tattoo at relatively dry skin you can smear some baby lotion which do not stimulate the skin moisturizing products.
21 On Wednesday, Malaysia, a relatively small oil consumer, announced plans to sharply reduce its carbon intensity over the next decade.
22 Purists have often mocked the English style of football, but with its fast pace and all-action style, it is undeniably exciting — especially in markets where football is relatively novel.
23 Pastis had depicted various crocodiles in the strip as early as February 2004, these crocs were relatively competent and spoke normal English in a normal typeface.
24 He frequently punished his officers for relatively minor violations of military discipline and rarely discussed his plans with them.
25 of comets sweeping toward Earth from that collision could pose a problem, given the relatively pathetic investment in detecting incoming space threats.
26 handkerchief is something which from a tax standpoint is a relatively confusing item.
27 Bulk transfers: These are data packets in relatively large quantities.
28 One approach to handling this broad set of problems efficiently is through massively parallel computations on relatively inexpensive hardware.
29 global Position System (GPS) radio occultation technique has emerged as a powerful and relatively inexpensive approach to sounding the global atmosphere in all weathers.
30 Probably because of relatively weak thigh muscles and a lack of foot support.