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1 The study also examines the contexts in which they exist and highlights the factors that have contributed to the formation of the strategic relationships.
2 Then, how do you establish relationships, which will lead to continued business and referrals?
3 The query consists of the relationships, plus the direction and the depth that you have selected.
4 project area owns all project artifacts, and all relationships between these artifacts, that constitute the resources of the project.
5 Shouldn't marriage and relationships lighten our load, not add to our burden?
6 We will experience their firsttraining session, the conflicts and relationships they may develop with thepolice and other offenders at the club.
7 The relationships I have and that I consider to be meaningful have all of the qualities listed above.
8 Besides showing system types and their instances, structure diagrams also show at least some of the relationships among and between these elements and potentially even show their internal structure.
9 However, it closes us off from building effective relationships with everyone we come in contact with including our "true love".
10 Recent studies suggest that effective managers take time and effort to manage not only relationships with their subordinates but also those with their bosses.
11 the thing though: As hot as she is, and as fun as she may seem, it’s not worth it. Relationships with younger women have a way of ending badly.
12 three men in the show spend a lot of time together talking about things like troubled relationships and new women they meet.
13 Healthy personal relationships are one of the keys to happiness.
14 These relationships are false and imagined and always created with the rich and powerful, which makes me wonder if it is the lifestyle, not the life, we praise when we turn to Jobs.
15 remnants of person-to-person relationships, with their sympathy and sentiment, will be snuffed out.
16 The World Bank's goal is to put a formal structure around these relationships so that countries can harness them directly to their development goals.
17 anticoagulant mechanism , structure-activity relationships and clinical applications of anticoagulants de rived from leeches were classifiedly reviewed.
18 This means you can get all the benefits of typical SQL join queries without the burden of predefining their relationships in the database layer.
19 Aries lover has no patience and sensitivity and this may be the reason for the most of the relationships to turn sour.
20 Her latest book, animals Make Us human, is an amazing tour DE force of animal-human relationships, with chapters on our companion animals, as well as on livestock, wildlife, and zoos.
21 I'm not condoning the use of a phone as a weapon, of course, but long-distance relationships can be tough enough to make even the calmest person edgy, much less a hard-rocking gladiator with a temper.
22 Assigning input and output work product relationships to a task is illustrated in Figure 12.
23 One band went to Mauritania after last year's coup; many depart for countries that have strained relationships with America.
24 Hallucinating Snake: Sly's inner conflict must be interpreted as a sign of an ambivalent relationships towards its own body.we.
25 To tease out the relationships between sleep, starvation and survival, the researchers deprived fruit flies of both food and sleep.
26 This catch-all ensures that with a single line of code per model, I can invoke all relationships on all of our model tests.
27 It also supports complex event processing in which a series of events may be observed to produce one event as a consequence of the relationships in the series.
28 In this section, I will try to explain how the components work together so that you can understand the relationships among them.
29 Involves number and computing skills, recognizing patterns and relationships, timeliness and order, and the ability to solve different kinds of problems through logic.
30 All of these relationships provided material for his stories and poems.