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No. sentence
1 The manager can see an overview of all outstanding leave requests for the period and either approves or rejects the request.
2 It's an innate characteristic of human psychology to desire certainty, but it's the creative thinker who rejects the false comfort of clarity when it's not really appropriate.
3 Puritanism rejects indulgence and if you can't indulge yourself, what better way to experience emotional intensity than to gather pleasure from pain?
4 If the PA bids on the errand or rejects it, we had to track the new status of that errand and reflect current status of each errand each time the list is displayed.
5 A helpline has now been set up with counsellors on hand to help the distressed rejects from the site.
6 It rejects decades of legal precedent, which make one spouse the other's guardian.
7 Mr Goodman, who insists that the city's only big problem is the term limits that are forcing him out of office next year, rejects all such pessimism.
8 He is at once a hedonist who preaches prudence and temperance, a theist who rejects divine intervention and the survival of the soul, and an atomist who upholds both mechanism and free will.
9 To best understand and correct problems in manufacturing, one needs to examine the rejects pile.
10 He rejects all of the advances of the women who are attracted to him but Bacchantes, the female followers of the god Bacchus, are enraged by what they take to be his coyness.
11 He tries to talk to a large Aryan brother who rejects him with the condemnation, "you're a disgrace to your skin."
12 Fianna Fáil and Green party coalition is at an all time low in opinion polls as the public rejects its policies and blames is for the decline in the country’s fortunes.
13 Diamond, who is relocating back to London from New York, where he moved after the Lehman deal, rejects such hysterical talk.
14 In some cases, you can have an optimal schema that validates every "good" message and rejects every "bad" message.
15 He also rejects the idea of simply trying to do what Britain does now, but with less money, since that would mean neglecting investment in new fields such as cyber-warfare.
16 In three speeches in Prague, Cairo and Accra, he set out a new foreign policy that rejects the Manichean view of his predecessor.
17 Anyone who rejects Scientology also rejects, knowingly or unknowingly, the protection and benefits of Scientology and the companionship of Scientologists,” Hubbard writes.
18 For example, Apple rejects programs that would let you make phone calls over the Internet, thereby avoiding using up cellular airtime.
19 Agile community there are large, ongoing debates over whether a team that follows Agile practices but rejects Agile values can carry the moniker Agile.
20 He rejects the belief, widespread among environmentalists, that the protection of nature requires a wholesale recasting of society and the economy.
21 Then the bank employee approves or rejects the application.
22 Lastly, the system gives the customer a response after the auditor approves or rejects the request.
23 The auditor approves or rejects the request.
24 bank employee approves or rejects the loan application based on the content of the form.
25 bank manager either approves or rejects the application.
26 bank manager either approves or rejects the request.
27 Given this dynamic bidirectionality of influences, social cognitive theory rejects a dualism between personal agency and a social structure disembodied from human activity.
28 It must reject improbable alternatives just as it rejects the permanency of the existing order.
29 Nietzsche rejects the idea that it is the voice of God in man, asks how as a matter of empirical fact such a structure could have developed in the human psyche.
30 And because retailers rejects 360,000 tons of "substandard" fruit annually in America alone they could be used as an economical way to make fuel.