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1 He noted particularly the rejection of the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and the refusal to allow east Jerusalem to be a capital for a Palestinian state.
2 Once the stem cells took hold and grew on the scaffold, the tracheas could be transplanted into the patient without fear of rejection.
3 Rejection of the transplanted liver is also a possibility, but Dr. Teperman said it was extremely rare for a liver transplant to be totally rejected.
4 I have a trophy in my office proclaiming me to be “The Writer with No Future” because I could produce more rejection slips by weight than any other writer at an entire conference.
5 comparison the other 14 sweaty-palmed participants were only given basic demographic information about the woman they were going to talk to, nothing that would calm their fears of rejection.
6 Try to tell it in a stimulating and engaging manner. Do not bore them, because it may lead to rejection of your worthy proposal.
7 This silence, this rejection of dialogue, of all forms of clinching, is our "terror", ominous and threatening as it should be.
8 Literally, the ability of different tissues to "get along"; strictly, identity in all of the transplantation proteins, which is a requirement for the prevention of graft or organ rejection.
9 But what I have found helpful is for me to be mentally prepared to face rejection.
10 opposition, for its part, will either cry fraud if the late surge in the government’s favour on the courts and media questions holds up, or tout their rejection if it does not.
11 rejection of this measure aroused the people to indignation.
12 If it turns out that your friend doesn't want or need your offering, it's not a rejection of you, but of the product and firm. So it should have no power over you.
13 We spurn firmly the shade building style, the rejection shade building vulgar interest, uncovers the shade building assembly line the hard wound, do not have again to do clones the bride.
14 These are the songs of heartbreak, songs that distil the misery of failed relationships, unrequited loves, disappointment and rejection, and set it to music.
15 Certainly, he sensed rejection from Christians and Jews.
16 GVHD is the equivalent of organ rejection syndrome for bone marrow transplant patients.
17 Outright rejection of the deal could lead to calls for new sanctions, perhaps including restrictions on trade in petrol.
18 NYSE board's unequivocal rejection this week of an alternate ties up with the Nasdaq and the InterContinental Exchange has put a virtual "SOLD" sign on the exchange floor in downtown New York.
19 Selling your script requires perseverance, an ability to take criticism and a tough skin for rejection.
20 You'll need to boost your confidence because one of those hovering fears is bound to come slamming down more than once during an aggressive job hunt — the fear of rejection.
21 His was a cold, harsh, short life filled with rejection, poverty and sickness, in which every comfort of social, family and intellectual life was denied.
22 Separation entails also separation to God's service. That means, of course, the observance of his laws, especially the laws of purity, the rejection of pagan practices, and so on.
23 I do not think that you could define it by rejection of this or that Christian dogma.
24 So subtlety is out and it's back to the age-old problem for both men and women: who has the guts to risk rejection with the direct approach?
25 Some people cut to express strong feelings of rage, sorrow, rejection, desperation, longing, or emptiness.
26 The explicit method for calculating surges in throttled surge tank and simple tank following load rejection has been derived by use of Thaler Series Expansion from the basic formulation of surge tank.
27 They might be required information for the approval or rejection decision.
28 Cutting might seem like the only way to find relief or express personal pain over relationships or rejection.
29 Luis Guillermo Plata, Colombia's trade minister, said April 11 that U.S. rejection of the accord would be tantamount to imposing ' 'trade sanctions "on one of America's staunchest Allies."
30 Human exceptionalism increasingly seems a vain fantasy. In its modest rejection of that vanity, Buddhism exhibits less error and less original sin, this one of pride.