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No. sentence
1 They initially tried to get outside funding for the project, but were rejected.
2 I studied each one but rejected one after the other for various reasons, too big, too small, too much hair, etc..
3 Cultures select and shape technologies, not the other way around, and some societies have rejected or ignored even the gun or the wheel.
4 Meanwhile, the Apple store rejected a Chuck Norris app, a Chuck Norris joke generator, because they claimed it ridiculed a public figure.
5 But a critic of this line of reasoning can rightly raise the fact that the Ebionites were rejected as heretics by mainstream Christianity.
6 Some of us do so because we need people to like us: our greatest fear is of being abandoned and rejected.
7 By studying MRI brain scans of people newly in love, scientists are learning a lot about the science of love: why love is so powerful, and why being rejected is so horribly painful.
8 he turns all this on his Jewish attackers,his critics, and that's what he accuses them of,and then says, you crucified Jesus just like the people rejected Moses and all the prophets.
9 Rejection of the transplanted liver is also a possibility, but Dr. Teperman said it was extremely rare for a liver transplant to be totally rejected.
10 She applied to pilot school at age 16, but was rejected because of her age.
11 All rejected her, except Geneva Medical College in the state of New York.
12 An original tracklisting for the album placed this first, but it was rejected in favour of placing it right at the centre.
13 If it is not properly accredited, your degree may be rejected by the majority of employers.
14 It also logs on traffic that is rejected, detoured or stopped, and traffic that is permitted or redirected.
15 I rejected the formulation, saying that it jeopardized the entire relationship because American public opinion would never stand for it.
16 He probably would have rejected it because that would imply that he was doing something else besides just bringing the Gentiles into Israel.
17 They have not only rejected you Samuel," the Lord spoke to me. "but they rejected me because I am the rightful ruler of Israel."
18 Last month a Munich court rejected Siemens's claim that the practice of bribing the clients of its medical division with airline tickets, which they could exchange for cash, was not "systemic".
19 The idea was rejected on some obscure legal grounds in certain countries we want to have the game releasable in.
20 That this was so is now a mainstream view, rejected only by a small minority of very elderly and deluded people, or the German extreme right-wing fringe.
21 I think they have rejected my application.
22 Bewitched by the patter of a perfume merchant, entranced by the pink and gold of these scented flasks, he steals some of the rejected bottles and hides them in the pigpen.
23 The Frenchman, who enters his 13th year as Arsenal manager this week, rejected Suggestions that the convincing wins at Blackburn and Bolton had made his team overlook Hull.
24 After being rejected by one co-op board and having two other offers on co-ops fall through, they decided to look for a condo.
25 he realized that while the Science Museum correspondence confirmed that Plummer had rejected a wax recording, he had acquired the Morses' solitary example of a Graphophone cylinder.
26 authors, from the London School of Economics (LSE), reckon people whose asylum claims have been rejected but who have not returned home account for most of the growth.
27 He said, "my most nagging error [is] an inability to gauge correctly the point at which the next possible undertaking - or even golden opportunity - should be firmly rejected."
28 At the five-star hotels nearby, I asked concierges about quiet bars where I might meet people; they directed me to places I'd already rejected.
29 Each difference that shows up must be examined and either accepted or rejected.
30 First of all we need to build Europe in Ukraine, because a country can only enter the EU if it has the same blood group, otherwise it will get rejected as an alien body,” she says in an interview.