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No. sentence
1 From the measured results, we either reject the theory or confirm it.
2 That is why we reject the idea of cutting spending now.
3 And those are the three biggest reasons we reject apps.
4 Any user can create a bid for an auction and the owner of the auction may accept or reject any bid.
5 Following a kidney transplant, recipients must be placed on immunosuppressive therapy or their immune systems will reject the transplanted organ.
6 You may choose to accept the values you grew up with, or reject them, or some of both.
7 They also reject any suggestion that they should move out of the district because of this.
8 You may reject every specific article of the Singularitarian charter, but you should admire Kurzweil for taking the future seriously.
9 So you will even find good faithful Roman Catholic scholars who will also either accept or reject the Pauline authorship of this.
10 doesn't help to get mad at a friend who cuts, reject that person, lecture her, or beg him to stop.
11 In the same stern tone, he pressed the Palestinians to reject violence and said that Arab states must stop using the conflict "to distract" their people from other problems.
12 The result is relatively pure water or the permeate generated on one side of the membrane, while on the feed water side a concentrated brine or reject solution is generated.
13 If we reject them, the nightmares may recur or worsen it.
14 But it is much harder for you to reject the new price, for you have already strengthened your mental image.
15 This link with emotions is what makes many rationalist economists reject the idea of bubbles.
16 They must also manage their investments by providing continuous oversight and decision-making about which initiatives to undertake, which to continue, and which to reject or discontinue.
17 One state had 60% of voters reject the reforms in a referendum; two others announced they would ignore the reform, which had been the product of 10 years' work.
18 Hightech companies often reject important ideas, several times even, before: some smaller company proves they can work in practice.
19 But it would be unprecedented for delegates to reject a bill.
20 They reject the limits on engine displacement, instead advocating the promotion of fuel-efficient cars of all shapes and sizes.
21 C. Reject and do not install blemished damaged or unsatisfactory fixtures.
22 Throttle: DataPower can reject transactions that exceed the given threshold.
23 The government continued to reject the protesters' demand for an early election, and the protesters regrouped in one area, an upmarket shopping quarter. See article.
24 Reject no incoming request, regardless of the impact they may have on service level agreements.
25 They can either accept or reject your invitation.
26 If you do not want to do that, reject them completely.
27 If that is not what you want, reject them completely.
28 They disowned Him, but he did not reject them.
29 Rouse yourself! Do not reject us forever.
30 I do not believe anyone with a shred of conscience can reject our application for a full membership of the United Nations and our admission as a full-member state," he said.