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No. sentence
1 The company reinstated him as chief engineer.
2 The Supreme Court reinstated the general, and the electoral tribunal ordered the ballots to be confiscated.
3 time she had her insurance reinstated, her breast cancer more than doubled in size.
4 Members of Sharif's party have threatened to abandon the coalition government, if the judges were not reinstated by Monday.
5 Thousands of people, mainly Shias, have not got their jobs back after being sacked for supporting the protests, despite the king's pledge that most would be reinstated.
6 Their son, Andy, was recently knocked off his mother's health insurance and only painfully reinstated for a large fee.
7 His sacking of the chief justice (since reinstated) and his desire to have himself re-elected by the existing legislatures before the next general election have disgusted voters.
8 When he used his allowance to pay for lessons his father stopped doling it out - but reinstated it after discovering his son was playing in a dance and to earn money.
9 designer was expelled from the Chambre Syndicale — the monitoring body of Haute Couture in Paris — for launching a ready-to-wear collection in 1959, but was soon reinstated.
10 He said he would appear in court only if all foreign troops left the country and 600 mutineers were reinstated into the army.
11 He could be reinstated in the police - and then be immediately put in prison for life for hostage taking.
12 Japan reinstated capital punishment in 1993 after a four-year moratorium and executes prisoners on death row by hanging.
13 nasa suffered huge and adverse publicity as a result, andPROJECT MANAGEMENThad to wait three further years before the necessary correctionscould be made and its reputation could be reinstated.
14 A new shell will be created, and when you exit the shell, your previous group will be reinstated, as shown in Listing 17.
15 When contacting Facebook to try and get my main account reinstated and my fan page back, (7 total emails spanning a 2 week time) I got no response at all.
16 Though Paygo was reinstated this year, it exempted particular things that Mr Obama wanted, including keeping Mr Bush’s tax cuts for 98% of households.
17 When the connection ends, the previous server option setting is reinstated.
18 Most of them will be reinstated.
19 The judge reinstated the strategies, meaning that, for now, town-hall planners must once again consider them when dealing with planning applications: good news, in theory, for CALA and others.
20 They wanted us to reinstate late fees, which would have been a disaster-as apparently it was when they were reinstated after my departure.
21 John Major and John Bruton said they would resume talks with Sinn Fein if the IRA reinstated its cease-fire.
22 But according to the secret files they were reinstated months later on the orders of new Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home.
23 Phil Jones, the scientist at the centre of the scandal, was yesterday reinstated at UEA's climatic research unit with a slight change of job title.
24 The original physiognomy in other place are all be reinstated.
25 Fighting climate change in Niger is development.Trees, soil and water have been reinstated as capital.Conflict between farmers and herders is down 80%, says Reij.
26 If he were reinstated, Mr. Woodford said, change at the company would be swift.
27 However, those certificates (in Sarawak and Guyana) have been withdrawn and not re-instated.
28 Iranian women were briefly allowed to attend volleyball matches during the presidency of moderate Mohammad Khatami but the ban was reinstated in 2005 when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power.
29 having accepted billions in euro-denominated loans, the Greek debt burden would immediately increase if Greece reinstated the less valuable drachma.
30 With the chief exception of Kaoru Yosano, a fiscal conservative reinstated as economy minister, the cabinet talent is astonishingly thin.