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No. sentence
1 This old bridge should be reinforced immediately.
2 Some tombs and city walls that were reinforced with the stuff are still standing. They’ve survived earthquakes and even modern bulldozers.
3 According to sampling analysis the surface river water and ground water in borehole have micro-corrosion on concrete structure rebar in reinforced concrete and steel structure.
4 We know that a form of selection occurs within our brains as we develop and learn - synaptic connections and pathways that work well are reinforced, whereas weak ones deteriorate.
5 supply of raw material has been greatly reinforced.
6 Haitians tend to build walls with light concrete blocks which are not reinforced and they then use heavy concrete slabs for roofs and ceilings.
7 Because of the stress diffusivity, reinforced sand blankets decreased the differential settlement on the bottom of the embankment.
8 The regular troops need to be reinforced.
9 Using the reinforced CHY coasted glass fiber, no hot melt coating, and reduced the hot melt adhesive cost.
10 The effects achieved by the natural lighting get reinforced and accentuated by the artificial lighting.
11 Limit state analysis of reinforced concrete filmy flat shells is so far very rarely concerned.
12 We expect that a tepid recovery in external demand in 2010 to be reinforced by a lagged boost to household expenditure from monetary easing and lower inflation.
13 Aircraft engineers have for years sought to replace metal components with lightweight plastics reinforced with carbon fibres.
14 One" as the plane has been dubbed, will include a 12-man meeting room, 60 business class seats, top-grade encrypted communications systems, a reinforced fuselage and missile decoy system.
15 NASA Administrator Charles Bolden reinforced the need of tech advancements, and also spoke of President Obama's State of the Union Address, via a blog Posting on NASA's site late Tuesday night.
16 The study also reinforced current beliefs about females being more jealous than males.
17 It was a faith reinforced by common sense, a reverence for the wisdom of antiquity, and its resonance with Christian mythology.
18 nothing to do with global warming but it reinforced the idea of the power of nature.
19 determining the creep parameters oon the interlayer zone of reinforced composites by indentation test method.
20 Republican conservatives there, reinforced by Tea Party adherents elected last November, vow to filibuster any increase in the debt limit, which would require a 60-vote supermajority to overcome.
21 One woman handed me the key to her reinforced bedroom door - during the divorce her now-ex-husband was still living in the house, and she had to barricade herself in at night.
22 We have especially reinforced packing in order to minimize the extent of any possible damage to the goods.
23 new beliefs and values of individual achievement and class mobility were rewarded and reinforced. Americans then began to identify themselves in terms of what they do.
24 After most of the dirt and debris had been dug out, each site was reinforced with steel beams for safety.
25 However, some of the measures may need to be reinforced for EHEC, particularly in view of its importance in vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly.
26 The photo, like the article, reinforced theimpression that this woman was in control of her life.
27 Authorities say the high levels might be from the spent fuel pool lined with reinforced concrete.
28 All this has reinforced the idea that banking is simply a gravy train for employees.
29 Well-crafted marketing and branding can boost the impact of a great design, but unless the message is reinforced by real-world experience, the effect is usually temporary.
30 This can be reinforced by providing students with a writtencopy of the lyrics, allowing students to hone reading and comprehension skills.