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1 He said a reporter had asked him whether cigarette smoking should be banned in film and TV and he was trying to argue that bad behavior needed to be regulated in real life first.
2 credit, a poorly regulated market overrun by speculators, and cheerleading from Dubai officials — including the hereditary ruler, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.
3 Basic regulated standards of fair treatment and redress are essential, to avoid vulnerable households being exploited by unscrupulous operators.
4 The Internet is strictly regulated in Cuba, so those who sell time on accounts that belong to doctors, professors and computer technicians do so on the sly.
5 The interests provided in limited warranty terms are supplements to all the other rights and compensations regulated in laws of the countries or regions.
6 All those areas are essentially controlled and regulated by IDS itself; we can hardly do anything about them.
7 Ratio of ethylene to propylene can be regulated through selective hydrogenation, separation and disproportionation. Requirements on some key parameters are pointed out and the reasons are discussed.
8 circadian rhythm in mammals is regulated by two clusters of nerve cells called the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) in the anterior hypothalamus.
9 the new, regulated world be as benign?
10 it looked like at the time was, the Fed had regulated its institutions well, and its validation was a good imprimatur.
11 But Russia has regulated the industry so poorly that production is falling despite the soaring oil price.
12 Thanks to international campaigns against money laundering and illegal tax evasion, today's successful tax havens thrive not because of crookery, but because they are well run and well regulated.
13 One of their biggest concerns is how much danger there may be to regulated Banks from the faceless institutions they now do much of their debt trading with: hedge funds.
14 insurance industry is a highly regulated one in terms of business and legal regulations and the cost of not following these regulations can be quite severe.
15 But the truth is that all of Europe needs reform: to shift away from high taxes, generous and wasteful welfare states, and, most of all, overly regulated and inflexible product and Labour markets.
16 Mr Peters and his colleagues see no evidence so far that carbon-control policies, weak as they are, are shifting production to less regulated countries.
17 Such 'a tragedy of the Commons' argues that resources that are important for the common good need to be highly regulated, or privatized.
18 French and German voters, for example, lay part of the blame for the crisis on hedge funds and tax havens, even though both played minor roles compared with the highly regulated banking system.
19 In Japan the keiretsu were regulated by specific laws, and they were structured in such a way that cooperation between them was almost compulsory.
20 sell their produce at controlled prices in government mandis: marketplaces regulated by the state with the aim of protecting farmers from exploitation by unscrupulous traders.
21 is not the market, an efficient social institution, which is regulated.
22 We are not closed, self-regulating systems, but open loops regulated, disciplined, encouraged, reprimanded, supported and validated by the emotional feedback we receive from others.
23 The report judged that the Canadian hunt was professional and highly regulated.
24 If it works, it is a medicine and should be regulated like one.
25 The city does plan to replace small, highly polluting plants with larger, cleaner, more regulated facilities, and toxic emissions will be cut further by shifting from coal to gas for central heating.
26 how do we insure that business transactions and security tradings are properly regulated?
27 That's because Banks were viewed as playing a unique economic role and, supposedly, were more closely regulated than other types of lenders.
28 There is clearly a growing demand in this country for a well regulated, legal right for people with terminal illness, who are mentally competent, to end their life if they choose to.
29 Mr Kan is clear that nuclear power should remain a part of Japan's energy mix, but that it should be safer, better regulated and part of a more imaginative energy policy.
30 The use of antibiotics and growth stimulants to boost yields is common in food production globally, including in China where it is poorly regulated.