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regressive in a sentence

1. Barthes exposes how this structuralist system is regressive;

2. A regressive facies shown on a stratigraphic column.

3. For regressive harmony, the term umlaut is used.

4. This method is known as "regressive analysis."

5. The opposite of a progressive tax is a regressive tax.

6. The Social Security component of the FICA tax is regressive.

7. Regressive, red bed layers separate the transgressive strata.

8. the payroll tax is therefore a regressive tax.

9. Both progressive and regressive vowel harmony occur.

10. in regressive harmony, the first changes to match the second.

11. A few varieties exhibit regressive assimilation too.

12. Assimilation is both progressive and regressive.

13. These can in turn be either regressive or non-regressive.

14. The 1799 Constitution was regressive for blacks as well.

15. Desiccation figures on top of a regressive sequence;

16. Resisters felt the tax was overly-regressive.

17. Sales taxes are normally considered regressive;

18. Together they are deeply regressive structures in evolution.

19. Public spending is regressive overall;

20. However, there may be some regressive distributional effects.

21. However, there may be some regressive distributional effects.

22. It is regressive and objectionable.

23. the reception of music is regressive.

24. Cartridge forks provide regressive damping.

25. Corresponding regressive sequences are very poorly developed.

26. The movie was criticized for its regressive story.

27. The tax burden on consumption is regressive.

28. But regressive forces have also started dominating.

29. Trade sanctions would in effect amount to a regressive tax.

30. Reciprocal or regressive?