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regenerate in a sentence

1. Some bosses can regenerate these walls.

2. Anything left below-ground may regenerate.

3. They eventually regenerate on their own.

4. they are able to regenerate.

5. they did however regenerate The Master.

6. However, broken fragments regenerate well.

7. He can even regenerate on a cellular level.

8. Amputated eyes completely regenerate.

9. The Doctor does not regenerate, however;

10. Regenerate Vital Employment");

11. Once lost, it does not regenerate.

12. Nnoitra can regenerate these extra arms.

13. The plant can regenerate from the roots.

14. Both are also needed to regenerate RuBP.

15. It also requires less energy to regenerate.

16. This forest cannot regenerate by itself.

17. Its tail will regenerate when broken off.

18. Ooga wonders why Nooby didn't regenerate.

19. She starts to regenerate to fix her body.

20. The damaged siphons are able to regenerate.

21. The gonads take longer to regenerate.

22. It will regenerate from seed only.

23. It is only able to regenerate from seed.

24. It will regenerate from seed only.

25. It will regenerate from seed only.

26. It will later regenerate its lost limb.

27. And they do not regenerate.

28. All animals can regenerate to some degree.

29. Newts can regenerate their limbs.

30. must then regenerate the JCL.