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No. sentence
1 Still, those forlorn mansions also show how a place that squandered its competitive advantage, as Penang did several times, can regain it.
2 They either leave that job, seeking bigger challenges where they will regain their passion, or they become contributors who do what they are told to do, and nothing more.
3 To cool herself and regain mental balance she went out of the room and had a walk in the garden.
4 And now Russia wants to regain influence in its backyard.
5 Although some in the industry are optimistic that the company can quickly regain its perch, some Wall Street analysts are not convinced.
6 Given the seriousness of global food supply and demand imbalances, cereal markets may not regain their stability any time soon.
7 Adam gets the chance to see how much of Eden he will "regain".
8 Our leaders are giving us tax cuts and rebates, but if we want to regain our competitive position, we need to rebuild our infrastructure and spend more on education.
9 As the Three Mile Island accident showed, operators can regain control of the situation if they can get the coolant flowing again.
10 Clinton, on the other hand, hopes her attacks on what she describes as Obama's inexperience will blunt his drive and give her a chance to regain momentum.
11 Working there for three-months helped me regain confidence about life," Jin said.
12 This would support them until shipping finance recovers and hesitant customers regain faith in the world economy.
13 Mr Saakashvili should stop promising to regain control of the enclaves, and the West should insist on the case for international peacekeepers.
14 many, the conflict brought back memories of the cold war and portrayed Russia as a Soviet Union mark two, trying to regain its former territories.
15 Recently, the traditionally hot majors like management and computer science have begun to cool down, as long-neglected majors like geology and forestry regain popularity.
16 patient will undergo physical therapy to regain use of her face; the nerves should regenerate in three to six months, Siemionow said.
17 This is the first major arrest in the region since the government ordered a military offensive to regain control of the northwestern valley and eliminate militants there.
18 cannibal perk, which lets you feed off of fallen enemies to regain health at the risk of grossing out anyone who glimpses this particularly nasty habit.
19 Buyers now have easy access to sales information, yet sellers can regain leverage in a variety of ways.
20 Some loyalists who joined the network of informants known as the revolutionary committees have remained in rebel-held cities, and have been lying low, trying to regain the trust of their neighbours.
21 Yahoo's tepid financial results, announced Tuesday, show a company that is making only modest headway as it tries to regain some of its former growth as well as its glory.
22 truth be told - women do as a rule live through such humiliations, and regain their spirits, and again look about them with an interested eye.
23 Professor Chin says Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak would likely be forced to resign if UMNO does not regain its two-thirds majority in parliament in the next election.
24 About a week before, I was walking Ami and suddenly saw blue dots in front of my left eye, the one I would regain my sight in.
25 But if we can regain that belief in the power of ideas which was the mark of liberalism at its best, the battle is not lost.
26 How can we ever hope to preserve or regain our stature in this world, if we cannot find the will to protect our people and take care of our basic needs?
27 He was never able to regain the ground he lost, however, and for five months they encamped in his bedroom.
28 He is at work on a new novel, different from the one he had to abandon, and he continues to battle to regain strength on his right side.
29 Many dieters regain weight because they can't stick to rigid eating programs for long: one-third of the participants in the current study dropped out before its conclusion.
30 Yet within days, the same patients start to regain movement and the ability to speak.